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5 Ways on How to Transform Victory Gardens Phase 3 into a Money Making Vehicle


Some opportunities come once in a lifetime. And Victory Gardens Phase 3 – An Optiven Group’s super value added, ultramodern flagship gated project – offers you this golden chance to make some good dollars out of Kenya’s fast growing economy.

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How to build your wealth with Optiven


Here is the real deal; with an investment of only $300 commitment and a mere $667 per month, your 3 years’ journey towards creating millions will have started.  That is what it takes for you to purchase one property with Optiven Limited. After that, you only need to pose for 5 years as you watch your property grow to Ksh 8 million.

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Insights from Boston: How to build Relationships


Landing in Boston gives me a lot of joy and delight. I am here not just for pure business but to shape up relationships with my great friends, churches, investment groups and individual friends in Massachusetts.

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Harnessing Diaspora Bonds to develop Africa


If one in every ten members of the African diaspora, worldwide, was persuaded to invest only $1, 000 in their home countries, Africa could raise a total of $3 billion a year for her development financing.

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Real Estate Voice ahead of Kenya’s General Elections


As Kenya edges closer to its August 2017 general elections, Kenya’s business community is strongly spelling out specific criterion that both its members and all Kenyan electorate must use as they prepare to cherry-pick their leaders.

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6 ways a young person in the diaspora can invest in real estate


In today’s world, many young people are immigrating abroad, in search of greener pastures. Most of them however do not have the right information on how to invest their money astutely.

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Kenya’s Real Estate outlook in the next 50 years

The Future of Real Estate Kenya

With a current nine percent contribution to the leading East African economic power house’s GDP, the state of the real estate market in Kenya is on a roller-coaster. And the projections are enchanting. Fifty years down the line, real estate contribution to GDP is poised to astronomically shoot to two digits.

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Is there a property bubble in Kenya?


So, here is the big question; is there a property bubble in Kenya? This query has popped up repeatedly, especially in local property market fora. And according to Mr. George Wachiuri, the CEO of one of the leading property firm in Kenya, Optiven Limited, a property bubble isn’t something that is envisaged in Kenya in the next 100 years.

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Leading Kenyan property firm set to deliver title deeds to customers in the USA


Here is a picture-perfect situation: A leading Kenyan real estate firm knocks at your door in the United States of America, specifically to hand over to you the title deed of a piece of land that you recently bought with them in your mother country.

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Optiven Limited’s CEO George Wachiuri’s Passion for Kenyans in Diaspora


Many years after they have settled down in foreign lands, countless Diaspora immigrants lose touch with their mother countries, and the many opportunities that are ripe and ready to be seized back at home. Worst still, there are not as many reliable channels to help bridge this existing information gap.

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