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Real Estate Tips: The process of buying Land

Why Invest In Kajiado Town


Kajiado town has been undergoing a property boom since 2011. Optiven real estate, a company that was awarded the overall winner and the best company in real estate 2014/2015 has been the leading developer in this county. The town is strategically located, with 10 banks and over 10 universities in the area. Additionally, there are a number of hotels being set up in the area.

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Tips on Property Purchase

5 Reasons why you should make Optiven your real estate partner


For 18 years now, Optiven has been changing the lives of its clients, inspiring families, as well as empowering Kenyans to free themselves from poverty. Many have given testimonials attesting to this and stated why they have chosen Optiven for all their real estate needs. Here are some of the reasons Optiven should be your real estate company of choice.

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Factors to considers when engaging a real estate company


Shopping for a legitimate real estate company is very important, because you obviously want the best – somewhere you will get value for your money, a company that will make you a priority as a customer, is trustworthy and transparent with its clients. In this article, we shall share some tips on the factors to consider before engaging a real estate company of your choice.

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What next after buying your plot?


You have finally got your piece of land. You probably had to use all your savings to secure that ideal piece of land and you are thinking what next? How can I get back what I used considering this is not really going to generate income to me on a daily as a small business would do. Confusing right?

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The State of Real Estate in Kenya

stateofrealestateAcross the emerging markets, real estate is coming of age. Infrastructure development, young demographics and strong economic fundamentals have fueled the rapid growth of property sectors in these regions.  As a result the counties are fast emerging as the next frontier for property investors.

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Choosing Optiven Ltd

Optiven Ltd - Home of Genuine Title Deeds

Optiven Ltd – Home of Genuine Title Deeds

Testimonial From A Happy Client in the USA

Ever since I moved to the US I have always wanted to invest back at home… So that when I eventually come back home I can have something that I would say is mine. Not just work abroad and not invest in my motherland. At first I thought of buying land and homes from various providers back here in Kenya. But then I was too hesitant, since I really didn’t know how to go about it.

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Imani Breeze “The RUNDA” Of Kitengela

Worried about security, how trustworthy the agent may be, how to pay for a particular piece of land or property?  Well, worry not! Optiven Limited has got you covered.

Investing with Optiven you gives you assurance in the increase in terms of value of your piece of land. An example is the Imani Breeze Kitengela, four years ago it was full of thorns, dry and with no life at all. Optiven took it up and stated the value additions, it’s value was Ksh. 900,000 which has since risen to Ksh. 1.695M. This is a clear indication that land appreciates with time. Imani Breeze Gardens is now referred to as ‘the Runda of Kitengela’


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How to own property in Kenya before Age 40


Almost 85% of Kenyans are renting, this means that we have a lot to do as a nation and that’s why we as Optiven Limited take it upon ourselves to empower every Kenyan to own property through affordable and flexible monthly payments that can be equivalent to your current rent.

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