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Month: July 2016

How Does Optiven Balance Between Profitability And Corporate Social Responsibility?

optivenlogoOptiven group believes that business must be profitable in the long-term for it to support the society. Optiven needs the society in order to be profitable. There is need for a profitable model that does not affect the planet earth.

A poor society means a non-profitable business. We change the society through

We believe in a sustainable society and that is why we Incorporate Global Goals [SDG’s] in our policies.  Optiven believes in a business model that leaves very positive footprints in the society.

George Wachiuri, Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and CEO Optiven Ltd

At Optiven Limited, We Are Very Committed & Keen On Transforming Our Diaspora Community

We are pleased to inform you that Optiven Limited has been in various States in the USA.  We were ther because We care, and also because we Value you! The reason for this visit is not to make quick Money BUT rather, achieve the Following:

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