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Month: August 2016

Choosing Optiven Ltd

Optiven Ltd - Home of Genuine Title Deeds

Optiven Ltd – Home of Genuine Title Deeds

Testimonial From A Happy Client in the USA

Ever since I moved to the US I have always wanted to invest back at home… So that when I eventually come back home I can have something that I would say is mine. Not just work abroad and not invest in my motherland. At first I thought of buying land and homes from various providers back here in Kenya. But then I was too hesitant, since I really didn’t know how to go about it.

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Imani Breeze “The RUNDA” Of Kitengela

Worried about security, how trustworthy the agent may be, how to pay for a particular piece of land or property?  Well, worry not! Optiven Limited has got you covered.

Investing with Optiven you gives you assurance in the increase in terms of value of your piece of land. An example is the Imani Breeze Kitengela, four years ago it was full of thorns, dry and with no life at all. Optiven took it up and stated the value additions, it’s value was Ksh. 900,000 which has since risen to Ksh. 1.695M. This is a clear indication that land appreciates with time. Imani Breeze Gardens is now referred to as ‘the Runda of Kitengela’


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How to own property in Kenya before Age 40


Almost 85% of Kenyans are renting, this means that we have a lot to do as a nation and that’s why we as Optiven Limited take it upon ourselves to empower every Kenyan to own property through affordable and flexible monthly payments that can be equivalent to your current rent.

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How Chamas Can Invest Together


Agree on the investment methodology, strategy and stick on it –  Do not change goal posts in the middle of the investment journey

Appoint a good leadership they will guide the group – Let the leadership have a term limit and they should have well written and agreed target of achievement during their term . I suggest three years term limit and preferably renewable on performance basis

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Comparison Between Plain Plot And Value Added Plot Offered By Optiven Real Estate


Many are the times we think of a value added plot just as a plot. We make errors  when comparing the two and we end up saying that Optiven Value added plots are expensive. When we do that we compare Oranges and Apples.

Optiven properties are apples. Take an example of James and Peter who purchase the plots. James buys the Value Added Plot at Kantafu that has power, water piped to his plot, trees planted, house design and bill of quantitative done, gate done watchman and caretaker in place, Roads done, all at Ksh.795,000 per plot.

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