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Month: March 2019

A Real Estate Bubble in Kenya is Not Envisaged At All

The question of whether Kenya is about to witness a real estate bubble burst has recently been popping in some quarters and most time, propagators of this issue, have been as far from the truth as the earth’s geographical poles.

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We are Leaving No Customer Behind!

According to the United Nations, 2.1 billion people currently live without safe water. Growing demands, coupled with poor management, have increased water stress in many parts of the world. Climate change is adding dramatically to this pressure. By the year 2030, an estimated 700 million people worldwide could be displaced by intense water scarcity.

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Learning to Love the Beauty and Miracles of Forests

“I feel a great regard for trees; they represent age and beauty and the miracles of life and growth.” This is a quote that is attributed to one of the greatest trees lover, who has ever lived: Prof. Wangari Maathai. Indeed, the beauty and miracles of trees, and by extension forests, cannot be overstated. They help to keep our air, soil, water and people healthy.

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Optiven Lauds Land Search Automation Via Ecitizen

Information with regard to your investment in the real estate sector now goes a notch higher after it’s debut on the eCitizen platform.  This follows the finalization of the digitization process through at the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning.

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The Power of Women Investors

Here’s the thing: Women have different investment goals as opposed to men. According to a study that was recently conducted by Earnest & Young, fulfilling personal goals is seen as the most important investment priority by affluent women (40%), significantly ahead of market out performance (31%).

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Optiven Drives Agenda For Women Empowerment

The buzz around the International Women’s Day was much less the drama that preceded and followed the purported “Men’s Conference”.  However, the day was none the less hard to avoid seeing the great role that women play in society.  Gone are the days when women folk were known for their prowess in chores within the family home and in the case of the African context, their capacity to churn our children – preferably boys to carry on the family name.

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8 Simple Steps on How to Apply for KRA Pin Online

Optiven Group is committed to hold your hand as we help you to walk through the journey of abiding by the Kenyan regulations, which will make your investing back in our Motherland Kenya, a lot easier!

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Upcoming Twin Infrastructure by Government a Big Boost to Optiven Customers

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has launched beaconing of a mega 6 lane expressway that will connect Mai Mahiu – Suswa to Chumvi, Mombasa Road, near Machakos Junction. This road corridor will be right adjacent to one of Optiven’s super value added projects, Victory Gardens

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