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Why Invest In Kiambu County


Kiambu County is located in the Central highlands close to Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, with Ferdinand Waititu being the governor.  It is a leading innovative commercial hub with the likes of Tatu city and high end schools like Nova Pioneer. It’s almost considered a suburb of Nairobi. The town is witnessing rapid growth with major road infrastructure and complex real estate developments taking place in the area.

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Kenya’s Regional Properties Ownership Move an Absolute Game Changer


Here is some good news from Nairobi to all East African Community citizens: Anyone from this Region can now own property in Kenya, as long as they have an identity card from their respective country.

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Optiven Takes Home Twin Awards in the Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies 2017-2018


Leading Kenyan real estate firm, Optiven Group is now expanding its trophies’ cabinet after winning two outstanding awards in the latest Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies Survey by KPMG and Nation Media Group – One,on its Outstanding Innovation and a second,on its exceptional Human Resource Practices.

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How to build your wealth with Optiven


Here is the real deal; with an investment of only $300 commitment and a mere $667 per month, your 3 years’ journey towards creating millions will have started.  That is what it takes for you to purchase one property with Optiven Limited. After that, you only need to pose for 5 years as you watch your property grow to Ksh 8 million.

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Insights from Boston: How to build Relationships


Landing in Boston gives me a lot of joy and delight. I am here not just for pure business but to shape up relationships with my great friends, churches, investment groups and individual friends in Massachusetts.

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What next after buying your plot?


You have finally got your piece of land. You probably had to use all your savings to secure that ideal piece of land and you are thinking what next? How can I get back what I used considering this is not really going to generate income to me on a daily as a small business would do. Confusing right?

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Choosing Optiven Ltd

Optiven Ltd - Home of Genuine Title Deeds

Optiven Ltd – Home of Genuine Title Deeds

Testimonial From A Happy Client in the USA

Ever since I moved to the US I have always wanted to invest back at home… So that when I eventually come back home I can have something that I would say is mine. Not just work abroad and not invest in my motherland. At first I thought of buying land and homes from various providers back here in Kenya. But then I was too hesitant, since I really didn’t know how to go about it.

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Comparison Between Plain Plot And Value Added Plot Offered By Optiven Real Estate


Many are the times we think of a value added plot just as a plot. We make errors  when comparing the two and we end up saying that Optiven Value added plots are expensive. When we do that we compare Oranges and Apples.

Optiven properties are apples. Take an example of James and Peter who purchase the plots. James buys the Value Added Plot at Kantafu that has power, water piped to his plot, trees planted, house design and bill of quantitative done, gate done watchman and caretaker in place, Roads done, all at Ksh.795,000 per plot.

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