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5 Prudent Ways to make use of Amani Ridge – The Place of Peace

Amani Ridge - The place of Peace

Amani Ridge – The Place of Peace is an ultra-modern Mini-City that neighbours Nova Pioneer School and Tatu City. As one of Optiven Group’s prime projects, it is located only 3.2kms off Kiambu-Kamiti Road and is easily accessible from Kiambu Road and Thika Super-Highway, via the Eastern By-Pass.

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Nairobi amongst Top 4 Major FDI Destinations in Africa


The United Nations has placed Nairobi as one of the top four major urban Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) destinations in Africa. This is together with Cairo, Lagos and Johannesburg.

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Why Invest In Kiambu County


Kiambu County is located in the Central highlands close to Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, with Ferdinand Waititu being the governor.  It is a leading innovative commercial hub with the likes of Tatu city and high end schools like Nova Pioneer. It’s almost considered a suburb of Nairobi. The town is witnessing rapid growth with major road infrastructure and complex real estate developments taking place in the area.

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Our Observations During our European Work Tour


In our endeavours to push business in Europe, we shared recent photos on Kenya and her latest advancements. To the surprise of many, (Kenyans and some Europeans who were attending our investment meetings) they literally could not believe what they saw as we pitched about Kenya and why they should wire their Euros to Kenya and invest therewith.

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Kenya’s Regional Properties Ownership Move an Absolute Game Changer


Here is some good news from Nairobi to all East African Community citizens: Anyone from this Region can now own property in Kenya, as long as they have an identity card from their respective country.

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Being Crowned a Super Brand is an Icing on a Good Cake


Optiven Group was just certified as a differentiated and trusted name that is already receiving accolades both inside and outside Kenya. This is after a recent Market survey conducted and presented by SuperBrand East Africa ranked us the Number 68 best Brand (out of the 1000 shortlisted Leading Super Brands) across all industries in East Africa.

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Why women are emerging as the better investors


She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard. The good old book must have perfectly foretold how the modern woman would once have the sharper edge when it comes to real estate investing.

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Why Kenyan Millennials Are the Next Big thing in Real Estate Investment


It is Barely 36 hours since she landed in Kenya, and Olivia is on her way to Kitengela – one of the most beautiful places to own property in Nairobi’s Metropolis. She is accompanied by her three ‘girlfriends’, her best friends on this side of the planet. Her Mission: To buy a parcel of land that she intends to purchase for herself. Never mind that Olivia just recently marked her 25th birthday.

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5 Ways on How to Transform Victory Gardens Phase 3 into a Money Making Vehicle


Some opportunities come once in a lifetime. And Victory Gardens Phase 3 – An Optiven Group’s super value added, ultramodern flagship gated project – offers you this golden chance to make some good dollars out of Kenya’s fast growing economy.

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How to build your wealth with Optiven


Here is the real deal; with an investment of only $300 commitment and a mere $667 per month, your 3 years’ journey towards creating millions will have started.  That is what it takes for you to purchase one property with Optiven Limited. After that, you only need to pose for 5 years as you watch your property grow to Ksh 8 million.

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