Who is a Diaspora Investor?
At Optiven limited we value our diaspora investors and we are here to ensure that they have a hustle free investment. We consider anyone outside the borders of Kenya in Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe to be a diaspora Investor whether you are out for studies, work or are a permanent residence in another country but are a Kenyan Citizen.

Why Optiven Ltd?
Optiven Limited is a Real Estate company which prides itself in providing real estate solutions in the most efficient and effective techniques. We thrive on Professionalism, Honesty, Customer Focus and Innovation. We have over Seventeen years in business and our products include selling of value added plots and provision of affordable homes to clients. Optiven is the market leader in the industry and was crowned Number One Company in Kenya and the Best in Real Estate under Top 100 midsize company award 2014/2015.

  • We thrive in Honesty and professionalism
  • We give you value for your money
  • We have ready titles for the projects
  • We offer solutions to your investment need
  • We pick you from the airport and take you to view your investment
  • We empower you on property investment and give guidance on requirements to own your property
  • Our projects have value additions and are fit for immediate settlement
  • We have an Optiven customer service officer who is on call 24/7 to answer to all your questions on investment and gives advice on documentation needed in acquiring your property
  • Our Diaspora admin officer facilitates you in acquiring documents ie PIN,ID by connecting you to the Kenyan Embassy.
  • We have a list of property that one can choose from depending on their investment need
  • We allow you to purchase a project and pay in monthly instalments

How can I acquire a property while Abroad?
At Optiven limited we ensure that our diaspora investors have a hustle free investment experience; by this we are in communication with them giving guidance every step of the way on acquiring their property of choice until finalization. We send you our Investment catalogue for you to choose your investment projectthat will suit your need as well as the project maps to choose the plot of interest.

Property Purchase Process

1. Inquiry of any Optiven Property.

  • Feedback: Type of investment (Long term or Short term) through the live chat, Facebook, twitter, Skype, Whatsapp and the website (www.optiven.co.ke)
  • Conversion: Further interaction to enable the client select a desired project to fit the need.

2: Investment CatalogSend an investors’ guide that will fit the client investment category.

3: Plot Selection: Client selects the preferred project.

  • Subdivision Map: Send the subdivision map directly (from admin@optiven.co.ke) or check the updated map online from the project he has selected.
  • Site Visit: Send a representative to view on behalf, the client should provide contact to enable communication. We shall also take the client to view when he comes back to the country. (We conduct site visits free of charge).

4: Plot Availability: We shall confirm the availability of the selected plot(s) and Optiven send the online booking form for client to fill in and email back.

  • Due Diligence: We provide the client with copy of the Title Deed and a copy of the Mutation. This will be used to conduct a search at Land registry through the contact in Kenya. (Our agent does it at a fee of Kshs. 1000 only the search process takes one day.

5: Payment Process: The client will select terms of payment that is flexible and within their budget: we allow;

  • Cash – Payment within 30 days,
  • Loan facility– We have banks that we can recommend, (Obtain a letter of undertaking from the financier)
  • Installment: The client can pay in installments up to a maximum of 24 months (a minimum deposit of 30%).
  • Payment and Receipts – Client makes his payment to the provided Bank Account. We shall issue the client with Optiven official receipt in soft. (We file the hard copy receipts safely for the client)

6. Offer Letter: We send client the offer letter indicating the Purchase price, bank account number, terms, and expected closing costs. The offer letter valid for 7 days .Our agents have authority to issue offer letters.

7. Client Documents: sends to us a copy of ID, copy of PIN and three passport size photos (Send the document via mail)

8. Legal Documents: These are the legal document that will enable the client own the plot;

  • A sale agreement: Our lawyer will prepare the agreement. We send the same as a soft copy.
  • Verification – The client will verify that he is in agreement with what has been stated.
  • Our agreements have the required legal standard that cannot be altered. (Agreement Fees payable to our lawyer which is highly discounted to Kshs. 5000. Client is also free to use his/her Lawyer. Kindly Note these are not legal costs of transfer and registration)

9. Completion Document: We prepare these documents upon completion of payment of the investment:

  • Application for consent to transfer (in triplicate) and Land transfer forms (in triplicate). We send them as soft copies with very clear indications of where to the client is required to sign. The documents should be printed back to back.
  • Once client signs and sends hard copies of above documents via courier services.
  • These documents will be certified by the lawyer who will also attach a copy of the Lawyer Practicing Certificate as required by the Law Cap 300.
  • Legal fees for transfer and registration is 8% of the plot value at the point of Title Deed processing.

10. Registration of the Title deed: We send all completion documents to Land registry for title transfer and registration (it takes 60 days on submitting the documents to registrar)

11. Title deed issuing: We shall send the soft copy of the title deed. The client will collect the Title deed from our office. We can also issue the title deed to an appointed person who will provide a signed authorization letter instructing us to do so. We avoid sending Title deed via courier services to avoid the risk of losing it.

How to make payment for Optiven Ltd Properties

1. How To send Money Easily Via Wave

  • Go to wave application.
  • To: Optiven Limited
  • Choose: New Bank Recipient
  • Select Equity Bank
  • Enter Account number
  • Re-enter the account number again.
  • Save
  • Enter amount
  • Password
  • Send
  • Forward the transaction confirmation to the respective Marketer handling your account either on WhatsApp or email for tracking and receipting.

2. Send Via PoaPay

Send Money to KENYA fast, cheap and secure through PoaPay.com (Click on the image to make a payment)


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