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This is a transformative ​a​grib​usiness project that will allow you to farm and feed the nation as you earn money at the comfort of your day to day activities. This investment will make us achieve the goal through food production as well as land appreciation. This is an endeavor to f​eed, empower and improve Kenyan people lives through Agribusiness. The Kilimo Tujijenge Journey started on 18th November 2016 with the project moving on well.

We have made remarkable progress as follows:

1. The entire land has been tilled
2. Farming Season for the First Batch of 119 customers started on August 31, 2017
3. Farming Season for the Second Batch of 114 customers started on September 30, 2017
4. So far 229 Farmers are already in season


5. The agronomist is on the ground to make sure that we have best crops.


6. Water piping is ongoing

water piping

7. Water storage is fully set up and a reservoir is done

water resevoir

8. All workers’ houses have been set up and the staff have occupied them


9. The entire project is fully fenced. Gates and security are already in place


10. The generator is up and running


11. The subtitles for the project are out, earlier than the projected 24 months
12. Due to the developments therein, the prices have doubled, 1/8th is retailing for Kshs500, 000 ( Land Appreciation)

Work is ongoing at Kilimo Tujijenge. Among key developments in the area are;

  • Greenhouses: A good number of green houses have already been set up
  • Workers paradise: Construction of the site house is well underway
  • Boreholes: Boreholes have already been sunk in the area to supply water to the farm.
  • Piping in progress
  • Water System in place

There is a lot of progress at the Kilimo Tujijenge project in Ng'atataek. The following are some of the key updates on the project.

  • Boreholes: Boreholes have already been sunk in the area to supply water to the farm.
  • Greenhouses: The SME team is setting-up the greenhouses. We shall communicate us soon as all the greenhouses are up.
  • Transplanting: We shall also communicate once we have planted seedlings in the greenhouses, at which point we shall start counting the season.
  • Other Infrastructure: Setting up of the following infrastructure is also currently ongoing
    • Site House (Workers Paradise)
    • Electricity
    • Power House
    • Security Boxes
    • Water Storage
    • Piping
    • Fence and Gate

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