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26/7/2022 – What’s Happening At Celebration Gardens?


Optiven is pleased to advise that we are on course to secure upgraded access at Celebration Gardens in Kitengela. At this gated community we now have an upcoming great gate to ensure ease of entry and exit. To celebrate this milestone we take this opportunity to congratulate all our customers who invested at Celebration Gardens.

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13/7/2022 – What’s Happening At Happy Gardens?


The place of security for any gated community is key but more important is the presence of a secure gate. At Happy Gardens we are happy to advise that the entry is complete with the cabro paving now done. The gate stands majestically ready to welcome home investors at the jewel in Kitengela. The area

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The Happy Place to build your Home in Kitengela is now Taking Shape


A state of the art gate is already shaping up at Happy Gardens Kitengela. This will further enhance the security of this gated community that is only 1.5KMs from the busy Namanga Road. The transformation in this ideal address also involves storm water management, which has been done along the internal roads. With fully developed

The Happy Place to build your Home in Kitengela is now Taking Shape2022-05-24T11:36:16+00:00

Beacons Reconstruction at Sifa Gardens


As we continue to transform your life we are delighted to add value to the project by redoing the beacons on the entire Sifa Gardens project.  We anticipate that this will be a great catalyst as you move towards making your home ownership dream a reality. Invest with us Call / SMS / Whatsapp :

Beacons Reconstruction at Sifa Gardens2022-05-24T11:41:05+00:00

Celebration Gardens Fencing Kitengela Underway


Celebration Gardens value additions is progressing on well. We are excited to announce that our efforts to firm up the security is in earnest. Fencing of the project is currently ongoing just as we had promised. Thank you for your support Invest with us Call / SMS / Whatsapp : +254 790 300300 Email:

Celebration Gardens Fencing Kitengela Underway2022-05-24T11:41:51+00:00

Happy News


If you are an investor at Happy Gardens by Optiven, then you will be happier now! We are excited to advise of the ongoing upgrade to the drainage system. If you have visited recently you know what? The road network on the project is done, and the gate once completed will be marvelous. As your

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22/02/2022 – Happy Gardens in Kitengela on course


Happy Gardens in Kitengela is on course. Below are some developments taking place Water tower base blinding done in Reading to set up the water facility Reinforcements work in progress of the happy gate on progress Gate trench alignment and blinding in progress. We shall keep you posted as we create a great project in

22/02/2022 – Happy Gardens in Kitengela on course2022-05-24T11:58:33+00:00

Gate installation – Happy Gardens Kitengela


Thank you for entrusting Optiven with your investment at Happy Gardens- Kitengela. In an endeavor to provide security at our four star gated project just like we promised, we're excited to announce that Happy Gardens is taking shape. The installation of the gate has now begun. We shall keep you updated on the progress regarding

Gate installation – Happy Gardens Kitengela2022-05-24T11:59:18+00:00

17th January 2022 – Happy Gardens get power


Thank you Kenya Power Care for keeping your Word. We are pleased that we paid for power a few months ago and the Kenya Power team is already on the ground at Happy Gardens - Kitengela. We are pleased that our customers can now have power on site. We also thank our engineers who are

17th January 2022 – Happy Gardens get power2022-05-24T12:10:11+00:00

Heshima Commercial plots- Namanga Highway


A wise adage goes thus; respect is EARNED, personal RESPECT always germinates from the Actions that you take TODAY. Here is a great chance for you to take a great INVESTMENT Action. This is not just a mere investment, but it's about the location of the investment, what you can do in that

Heshima Commercial plots- Namanga Highway2023-02-03T09:38:13+00:00

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