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#96 Bernadette Wangu 2017-04-07 09:19
I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help through the process of acquiring our first plot with Optiven. For more than a decade & a half, we've tried and failed and lost money. We almost gave up. I cannot begin to explain how much this means to Shiku and I. Today Shiku reminded me of George's story, how he lost money but never gave up. I'll be forever grateful for your visit, your support & advice.Who knew when I woke up on Saturday morning to come to Reading that it would be the beginning of the fulfillment of a desire to own a piece of land .May he open bigger doors for your organization so you may continue to bless others. I pray that the Lord bless Optiven, may everything you touch turn to gold .I cried tears of joy, tears of thanksgiving when she emailed me. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. You've blessed me and my sister as well.
#95 anthony kioko 2017-02-28 13:09
I have been with optiven since inception. Am so proud to have grown with optiven over the years. Your customer service is unmatched, integrity and open communication channels. My visit to your office at Barclays plaza recently with my spouse was so warm that made us extremely proud to be associated with optiven
+1 #94 Rose 2017-02-28 07:06
Dear George and Team,
Thank you for making my dreams of landownership a reality. I am happy to have come across OPTIVEN. The zeal of the team members is amazing. I wish to mention my Property Advisor, Brian Samante for making the whole process stress free. His advise, updates, patience coupuled with professionalism made the experience one of a kind. Thank you Brian for the great customer service. I wish you the best in your endevours.
God bless you George and God bless your team.

My regards,
#93 vinny gitz 2016-11-10 10:51
Dear Optiven Team,

I was amazed by the excellent process since time I showed interest in investing with you.Peter Gitonga assisted in the entire process,upto the time I got my titles.I recommend anyone and everyone who wants to invest in real estate to partner with Optiven,they are the BEST;with unmatched customer care service.

Kudos Team.Long Live Optiven Limited.
-2 #92 Jonathan Kiilu 2016-10-28 12:30
"The higher you go the cooler it becomes",at optiven we are at course to make you future cooler,investing now #pataplotibefore40at40
#91 Jonathan Kiilu 2016-10-28 12:13
Optiven is a brand delivering as they promised and beyond,adding value to your investment and your life.
#90 Sarah 2016-09-18 17:20
:D happy client can't wait to buy more land and a house. Wished you taught hairdresers barbers and beautician how to invest. We are a very happy family with my husband. Can land 've gotten in the western side of Kenya especially kitale
#89 Erick Kithuka 2016-08-30 06:42
I met Peter Gitonga during my recent visit to Optiven Ltd offices at Barclays plaza and I was amazed. In 2014 -2015 optiven was ranked # 1 among the Top 100 companies in Kenya and in 2015-2016 they were awarded COYA. I salute you guys for enriching and empowering Kenyan youths and also for supporting the less fortunate in the community

Erick Kithuka
#88 STEPHEN NZUKI 2016-08-19 10:19
i wish to learn more on real estate if given a chance by optiven company and also help in marketing optiven in machakos and worldwide
#87 Maina Ndegwa 2016-07-06 13:20
Dear Mr. Wachiuri,
This is to thank and appreciate Optiven and your staff, Josephine and Christine for the safari adventure to Chaka Ranch on 2nd July 2016. My wife, daughter and I took the slot of our son Jackson Michuki Maina and we are very grateful to your kind gesture. The adventure gave me a good opportunity to learn more about Optiven from Josephine and Christine. I wish you well and may the Almighty God bless Optiven.Thank you yet again.

Kind regards,
Maina Ndegwa
#86 Charity 2016-06-04 12:17
Dear George and Team,
Thank you so much for everything.After staying in Diaspora for more than 5 years and,endless searching on the Internet and still was afraid to invest in land,I finally found Optiven Limited.3 months later i flew to kenya,after re-reading every Review,sleepless Night researching,and I can say it was worth it.Thank you for the Professionalism of you Team,Transparency,Hospitality and Patience.Thank you for Shalom Gardens,thank you for Victory Gardens.I can't wait to come for more.I check every day and believe you me,more is loading.Thank you Team for everything.Dear Josephine,thank you for everything.I WAS IN GOOD HANDS,thank you for the Hospitality,the Choma Place hehe kushiba nayo! I can't wait.What a good Idea with the Value added Plots,this simplifies our worries and we are able to concetrate on investing.My Money is safe with OPTIVEN LIMITED.
Many Greetings and Blessings from the Alps,AT
+1 #85 Minai 2016-05-13 02:21
Hi George,

It's been a pleasure to work with OPTIVEN during my short stay in Kenya. Finally I managed to get a plot in Eldoret breeze estate. The process was wonderful and I enjoyed working with the likes of Peter and Rop, very interesting employees who were patient with me through the process. As I fly back to the US tomorrow, I will go and tell my friends to also contemplate about investing with OPTIVEN. It has been an honor working with your company. I will go and say hello to Lawi for you

Best Regards
#84 Lynn Muya 2016-05-13 01:58
Dear Faith,

It feels good to be a land owner. Thank God and the Optiven Team for making it happen. I am glad I took the step of faith.

Best regards,
#83 simon macharia 2016-05-03 07:37
I wish to take this opportunity to pass my regards and appreciation to optiven for their big heart and commitment to empowering the youth and the society.It was such an honour to have very lovely personnel's and i single out peter gitonga and the friend plus Eunice who helped me secure a 1/4 of acre at mweiga(Faith Gardens).Am grateful and may our good God bless you.
+2 #82 Alex Mutuku 2016-01-09 08:02
Optiven has been a partner in development,in every sense of that word. When my group started in early 2014 and had a nagging appetite to invest amidst teething problems in cash flow, our investments strides were graciously led to Optiven- a one stop shop for realtime and genuine investments. Acquiring a plot in the Sifa Gardens was a dream come true for us. The kindness quotient exhibited by their marketing executive (Felix) made the service so tangible. What about their flexible repayment period? Just what anyone would desire for this economic times.

If not investing with Optiven, then the other place I would recommend is OPTIVEN! With them, you can never go wrong. You can only soar high. I can confidently recommend OPTIVEN as experts in their field and an answer to some of your 2016 resolutions.

Try OPTIVEN and see you at the top!"
#81 richard 2016-01-09 03:53
My special thanks to you George, stephen and Barack and your team for the wonderful job you did and doing on the investment Projects. Has a customer I was delighted with the speedy and teamwork and especially a very dedicated Sales team member (Stephen) .Mr George thanks for your attention to detail and relentless determination to release a quality customer service oriented team. I am proud to have Optiven as Investment option and look forward to future investments .and i also appreciated your suggested modifications. Let your team know that the extra time and effort they put in were certainly worthwhile. It is a joy for me to work with such dedicated and talented Optiven team.I will never hesitated to recommend anyone.
+2 #80 Kingori Wangechi 2015-12-16 13:21
Soaring Like An Eagle:
The Book is written in simple, understandable language. It is written with the reader in mind. When reading, even the most emotionally stable find themselves fighting tears, while the 'light-hearted' grow streams of tears from just reading what the subject went through. However, there are other instances that one laughs so hard, either at the naivete of George or the humorous language used thereof. It is a great book to remind each one of us that with God all things are possible, a very moving story. A real story told by a real person. If he is achieving his dreams, what can stop you from achieving yours? Keep it up George. May God bless You!
+1 #79 Joe Gachira 2015-12-11 16:04
Mr George is one of the most successful but yet humble CEO's Kenya has been blessed with! He has a big heart for people, and he is changing the Kenyan and African narrative person by person. Optiven is doing a great job, especially in helping the youth own property, and empowering them to be more! The whole optiven team has bought into this, and have George's DNA! That's Legacy right there! I look up to George, and I wish him and the team at Optiven all the best in every endeavors! You have made your mark in the world guys! The team at INUKA values you!
+2 #78 Samuel Nderitu 2015-12-11 11:46
Your journey to success which has been full of discouragement has greatly inspired me Mr. George. I am a young real estate professional and to be honest i would really like to work with you and your company Mr.George you are of great inspiration.

God bless you.

Samuel Nderitu.
(Property Manager/Assistant Valuer)
+3 #77 Sarah Kamau. 2015-12-11 08:54
Dear George,

Hope this gets you in good health. I has been a long time but all is well. I had the pleasure to listen to you twice in Inooro Radio with Mr. Waihura and Prof. Ngugi Njoroge. Your talk has not gone into deaf ears we have been following and I am hoping this will yield fruits.

The project you were discussing is very encouraging since most of estate developer only sell land with no other service or amenities around. I wanted to tell very one that I was a witness to all that you were telling the public especially that your staff is up to the task, very professional and welcoming.

I have not been able to visit the Hope gardens did you do some development there too. There was not much when we went there. I will continue to pass to the people around here about the new project and hope they will be able to invest.

Wishing you well

With best regards
Sarah Kamau.
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