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0 #113 delina mchalongo 2019-09-12 17:53
My experience with Optiven is a journey. I got my title deed on August and on our way home I lost it. It was so depressing but I had to do what I had to do.

I Reported it, and called Optiven the following morning and informed them. They were not only sympathetic with me but guided me through the process on how to get a new one.

The fact that their lands are clean they assured me that no matter who has it they cannot sell it. They were of so much help but along the process I run out of time and had to travel back to work out of the country.

A week later I woke up to the best news. Someone called and reported that he picked it just the day I lost it. They went through all the necessary steps to make sure it was indeed the one. All these without my presence.

To this day I lack the words to describe their impeccable job to their clients. They have kept my title deed safe for me till my next visit. Thanks to Kyallo and Ann. Optiven really does value its people. May The Lord bless you.
0 #112 Gladys Maina 2019-08-16 14:57
Good morning Mr. George.

I came to hear about Optiven sometimes in 2017 but I was so fearful coz the diaspora people have lost huge sums of cash through false companies.

My fear was taken away by Stephen Mbugua when he had a session in Kikuyu Diaspora Media via our CEO Jeremy Damaris. I decided to trust your company through Steve and for sure I'm so glad I did so.

I was in Kenya last month and I visited Baclays Plaza 14th floor and I was amazed by the conducive and good customer service I received. It did end there, Steve took us to Kitengela where I had already committed with a plot in phase 3.

I couldn't believe what I saw. Up to today, my song is that I just have to pull as many people as possible to come along with me to Optiven. I have done that and still doing it.

Thank you for your vision because I am one of the beneficiaries. I have committed with more plots and other people have done the same through me.

Again thank you for giving Diaspora people hope of investing again despite what we have gone through by trusting our families or other companies back in Kenya.

Gladys Maina
New York USA
+1 #111 Linda Kahunyo 2018-12-17 15:12
Dear Chantal,

I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to you and the entire Optiven team. Your professionalism, availability, patience and support has made the whole process smooth. I felt I was in safe hands.

Thank you again and remain blessed.

Linda Kahunyo
+2 #110 Samantha Darya 2018-12-17 07:58
Dear Optiven,

First of all, i would like to Congratulate the entire Optiven Team in your excellent work. Jerusha, Florence and James Ploti (in absencia), your professional energy invested in empowering Kenyans throughout Europe was Admirable! It was great to have you in Madrid, Spain.

Furthermore, Congratulations on Winning (Optiven Amani Ridge) as Best Controlled Development Land Agent and Winner as Land Agent 2018 during the recent Real Estate Excellence Awards sponsored by Digital Events.

Hongera and keep up the great team work. Its a great motivation! Proud to be associated with Optiven Ltd. Asante Mr. Wachiuri.

Am humbled. Looking forward to seeing you in 2019.

From Spain, ¡Felicidades, muchas gracias y bienvenidos de nuevo!

Kind regards and God bless

Samantha Darya
+1 #109 Maina Ndegwa 2018-11-08 01:43
To: CEO, Optiven Group

Dear Sir,

I wish to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you and your staff. My wife and I were among the 130 people that Optiven Group took to Napture Hotels in Mombasa between 1st and 4th November 2018.

Optiven Group had no obligation to do this; and the gesture is a clear evidence how much you value your clients. I bet that there are many companies offering services to customers in this country but only a few, if any, that have the kind of value you have for clients.

Besides spending a hefty amount of money on the Mombasa treat (I suppose), it's equally amazing that your able staff teamed up with us; almost putting your office operations in Nairobi to a standstill, to give a treat to your clients.

Many companies and organizations in Kenya and world over put the target of maximizing profits as their prime drive. The way Optiven Group treated us in Mombasa is a deliberate indication that you have a different vision, other than profit maximization.

Not only did the Group gave us a treat, but you found time to join us and satisfactorily addressed our questions. On top of this, you personally went ahead to share your wisdom on investment with us in view of empowering us.

My words may not adequately express the feelings of my heart and that of my wife, but please know that we are greatly grateful to you and your staff.

May the Lord bless Optiven Group and extend your boundaries as He did to the territory of Jabez.

Thanks yet again.

Maina Ndegwa
0 #108 Ngare Maina 2018-11-06 06:12
Optiven is most professional and customer oriented company I've ever come across I bought a plot with them @ victory gardens and it was the most efficient hussle free purchase I've ever done! kudos team Optiven keep doing good service !
0 #107 Eric Mutua 2018-10-23 19:08
First time i visited your office i found it strange and awkward that no member of staff passed by without smiling and saying hello. After all, this is Kenya and our customer service is for the most part pathetic. That is when i realized it's your organizational culture and a pleasant one at that. If only more organizations could borrow from you.

In particular, allow me to appreciate Anne Mwaura. She has been very professional from the beginning. Amiable, patient, always willing to help, highly competent, knowledgeable in her field and just a joy to interact with. Whenever i have needed any assistance, Anne is always at hand to assist and I have never had any reason to feel like my investment is insecure. She is definitely an asset and my prayer is that she'll be encouraged to grow and achieve even more.

Thank you Optiven, Thank you Anne Mwaura.
-1 #106 Michael Njuguna 2018-10-23 10:49
Good morning Ann ;
My name is Michael Njuguna . First ,I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Ann Njoki Mwaura, over the last 2-3 years, Ann has managed to sell me ttwo plots ,which I’m extremely happy with. As a company, I can assure you that ann and her expertise will take the company very far . Keep up the good work Ann , looking forward to working with you soon . Thank you and God bless...
+1 #105 Lilian 2018-10-07 12:52
Greetings all the way from Scandinavia sending my sincere thanks to John for a well done job.
I have been communicating with John through whatsapp,even though ive never met him in person,i got all the information i wanted with a true sense of hunor which i highly appreciate.
Thanks for your guidance that led me acquire a property with the optiven.swift service very friendly and really informative, thanks once again John and may God guide and lead you to continue giving the good service to customers
+1 #104 Patrick Adera 2018-10-05 08:25
Thanks Optiven for making what seemed impossible to me possible the day i met John was the turning point since he was able to present several payment options for Shekinar Gardens and today am happy client thanks John and finance team for great customer service am looking forward to having my title deed soon .Kudos George for the great opportunities
0 #103 Jacob Chonge 2018-08-28 07:08
Dear Optiven,
We are a ten member group - graduates of The International Leadership University (ILU). Optiven made it possible for us to invest in Shekinah Gardens. Your customer care is excellent. We take this opportunity to specially thank Christine together with her team for organizing our visit to Shekinah last month. We were truly impressed with the development on ground, especially the Borehole that will ensure reliable supply of water. I assure you that members have renewed energy to complete the project. May God remember you even as you stay on the forefront of empowering His people.
+1 #102 TERESIA MUATHE 2018-07-24 07:42
I am writing from California USA, to appreciate one Kilonzo Mbuvi for outstanding customer service skills and excellence. I have dealt with him until I acquired my plot at Garden of Joy Machakos. He has portrayed great performance and would say is a great asset to optiven. His persistence, follow up calls and patience tells it all. He is very well informed of the property, appropriately responds to all questions and always at service. He has even gone a step further to remind me of my instalments, which I greatly appreciate. I will not hesitate to refer my colleaques and friends to this great man. I also appreciate optiven for taking initiative of hiring professionals. I have had encounters with other property agents but I must say Optiven employees stood out, even the driver. Once again Kudos to Kilonzo.
0 #101 Njoki wa Westlands 2018-07-13 00:52
George, It was an honor and pleasure meeting with you. You are such a wonderful, humbled and down to earth CEO I've ever meet. May God's grace be upon you , family and staffs. You'll be rewarded in heaven abundantly. God bless.

Njoki wa Westlands
+1 #100 Emily 2018-07-13 00:48
Hope you are well and that business is going well.
I am At your office and your staff is exceptionally professional. The receptionist is high notch! Am proud to associate with Optiven! Please set the pace for business attitude for the rest of Kenya. At your office it is world class service. Westernized attitude. I thought I was back in America. That is the service I expected and it is what I received. I am not done doing business with you. I will be your forever customer one way or another. I value you. Emily-Atlanta USA
0 #99 Mary 2018-07-12 10:12
Good morning Brian,

It is almost a year later and the Holiday has come to pass. I want to take this opportunity to thank OPTIVEN LIMITED for For the holiday they rewarded me with. I appreciated the holiday so much and personally i thank God that it fell in June.... mid Year!! The holiday gave me a much needed break.

I would also like to commend Christine kasaya and the entire team that went down to the coast with us for a great job done. The organization,the venue, and everything was on point!

Allow me to say I'm a satisfied customer that is happy to be a partner of OPTIVEN LIMITED. May the lord continue to enlarge your territories. Have a blessed day.
0 #98 Mama Nduta 2018-07-05 03:37
Hello, today I got the best overview of Kitengela‘ s Victory Gardens.

Joyce my niece has given me the description that’s meets my expectations. She has encouraged and inspired me to go ahead n complete the payments of my two plots without fear or worry. I feel like I could fly and be there tomorrow nikajonee.

Am glad that she took her precious time to tour the Garden’s Site. Where will you be this coming Sunday? I may not be able to come to Baltimore because I will be at work from 1pm to 8 pm on Saturday.

My friend/neighbor Mr. Kienjeku might be interested. I will let you know. Thanks again for making sure Kenyans in the Diaspora can at least acquire property in Kenya thru a trusted company like Optiven. Keep up the good work. Thanks

Mama Nduta
Boston USA
+1 #97 Ann m Mwobobia 2018-04-19 13:07
I assure whoever else is willing to attain some land with OPTIVEN LTD that this is the place to be. Me n my daughter have the pleasure to say that they are best people so far to have deals with, honesty, efficiency, swift and; the PR there is 99.9%. I have purchased land at the Shalom gardens Kangundo rd, my girl has some all the way at Kajiado, all with genuine official title deeds and we are happy and glad to be associated with this great company.. Rachael you are a lady of substance when you are down into business at the office with your Clint's. Keep it up Optiven and staff

Ann M Mwobobia
+1 #96 Bernadette Wangu 2017-04-07 09:19
I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help through the process of acquiring our first plot with Optiven. For more than a decade & a half, we've tried and failed and lost money. We almost gave up. I cannot begin to explain how much this means to Shiku and I. Today Shiku reminded me of George's story, how he lost money but never gave up. I'll be forever grateful for your visit, your support & advice.Who knew when I woke up on Saturday morning to come to Reading that it would be the beginning of the fulfillment of a desire to own a piece of land .May he open bigger doors for your organization so you may continue to bless others. I pray that the Lord bless Optiven, may everything you touch turn to gold .I cried tears of joy, tears of thanksgiving when she emailed me. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. You've blessed me and my sister as well.
+2 #95 anthony kioko 2017-02-28 13:09
I have been with optiven since inception. Am so proud to have grown with optiven over the years. Your customer service is unmatched, integrity and open communication channels. My visit to your office at Barclays plaza recently with my spouse was so warm that made us extremely proud to be associated with optiven
+1 #94 Rose 2017-02-28 07:06
Dear George and Team,
Thank you for making my dreams of landownership a reality. I am happy to have come across OPTIVEN. The zeal of the team members is amazing. I wish to mention my Property Advisor, Brian Samante for making the whole process stress free. His advise, updates, patience coupuled with professionalism made the experience one of a kind. Thank you Brian for the great customer service. I wish you the best in your endevours.
God bless you George and God bless your team.

My regards,

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