The Israel Kenya Agricultural Innovation and Technology Center was at the Don Bosco complex in Embu this September to launch the Embu based agricultural project. Supported by AITEC and the Israeli Embassy in Kenya, the initiative aims at empowering the community to harness new methods of farming in order to beat food poverty in the county.

The event held on 1st September 2023 was attended by different dignitaries led by the Israeli Ambassador to Kenya, His Excellency Michael Lotem who also gave a keynote speech at the event. Optiven Limited was at the event to empower the attendees about the important role that the company plays in matters related to land.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Kate Khasoa-Kole, the Diaspora Relations Manager for Asia and The Middle East noted that the Israel Embassy had been of great support to the company’s agenda of empowering Kenyans in diaspora to invest back at home.

She said, “we are grateful for the support received from the office of His Excellency the Ambassador and the entire team serving at the Israeli Embassy in Kenya. Through their support Optiven was able to send a team to Telaviv for the second time in June and July 2023.

In addition, towards facilitating knowledge transfer and food security, Optiven is currently selling large tracts of land in Nanyuki which can be used for agricultural research, food banking and introduction of new technologies”. Speaking on the mixed use project, Kole added, “Our Nanyuki project, the Great Oasis Gardens not only provides investors with a choice property but also a variety of business opportunities including a number in agriculture. The choices are immense including a value addition factory, a packing warehouse, a storage facility, a training center or even a research farm all within our Bigger is Better project in Nanyuki.”

Her sentiments were echoed by Peter Gitonga, the Regional Manager in charge of Central Kenya who said, “indeed as Optiven we are keen to bring on board different partners understanding the need for real estate to be used for different purposes and that is what we offer at the Great Oasis Gardens in Nanyuki.”

The team representing Optiven included staff who served investors in the diaspora including in Africa and Asia. Kenyans living and working in the Asian and Middle Eastern region have continually invested with Optiven for purposes of residential and commercial investment. Optiven has also been at the forefront of keeping it’s promises to investors noting that the company has for the last 15 years been delivering title deeds to investors in the diaspora.

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