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1905, 2020

Title Transfer: What You Need To Know

May 19th, 2020|

Surveys and competitive platforms, have found that Optiven Limited is the go to company for investors in Real Estate. Why, when there seems to be so much happening within the sector? Three

1405, 2020

The FIVE levels of Optiven properties

May 14th, 2020|

Here at Optiven, we usually have FIVE Levels of properties. Each level has its set of value additions. The levels are also based on location, proximity to infrastructure. Market prices are thus

1005, 2020

Optiven Zeal in 2020

May 10th, 2020|

We are now 20 years Transforming Lives Optiven Limited continues to provide our customers with practical solutions to transform lives through transformed plots.  We have been serving customers for over 20 years