After the long rains halting activities including school reopening, Optiven FC is back outside. And we a back with flair. During the much-deserved break we regrouped and with support from Left foot Sports, we joined the Nairobi Corporate League – a football league for companies in Nairobi with a portfolio of over 95 teams and 3500 participants.

The league started this May and Optiven FC in division 1 made their official debut on the 19th against Cubers Movers at Parklands, Sikh Union Club. With support from the management and a proper structure in place, only a win was on our sights. We influenced and controlled the game showcasing the prowess in our 8-month project and at the end of the day, we were 4-1 victors as the captain recognized the collective efforts and teamwork.

This match was not just about physical skill, it was also about our mental strength and our ability to work as a unit. To our supporters, your encouragement kept our spirits high to the end,” remarked captain Gabriel Watare.

The second match could not have come sooner and Astro Aviation were our next challengers. Already the high standards we had set for ourselves in the first game the aim was only higher. And higher we rose. First half saw us go 4 goals up before we switched formation to accommodate the different skills in our team. Once again, the support was immense and their contribution ensure we remained top of the Nairobi Corporate ladder as we prepare for our next match.

Daniel Kariuki, Team Manager Optiven highlighted the success was attributed to the support by the Optiven management and staff but also the intentional character of the players to show up to training sessions, meetings and the need to better. The future of the team is even more promising and with our recent form, the coach has urged us to only demand more from ourselves.