After a crucial first half of the year that saw us launch 4 new projects, win 5 different awards and traversed across over 25 states, the second half of the year’s ceiling required a team synergy to spur us towards our social economic transformation.

GMC Fun Place was the designated location as the Optiven army steadily painted Kitengela green. The objective of this was rejuvenation and break the monotony of routine in our workspace, reinforcing the dynamics and offering us a refreshing change to shoot to the end of the year.

A sermon was delivered to us as we savored the breakfast prepared by the GMC team before reporting for the day’s events. Our partners for the day had planned for an interactive team building session to sharpen our communication, improve our problem-solving skills and mostly enhance our productivity this second half of 2024.

According to Solomon Chege, one of the activities that involved us passing slippery balloons with water to our colleagues behind us represented the delicate nature of our clients and how every department is required to successfully handle them to achieve social economic transformation.

Throughout the day we engaged in activities that not only improved our morale strengthening our relationships but also there was entertainment that elevated our energies amidst the numerous food breaks. Our various groups provided an opportunity to reflect and think critically helping us to spark innovation and remain competitive applying directly to the work spaces.

We won some and learnt on other occasions and by the end of the day Martin Waweru, Associate Director for Human Resource and Talent Development affirmed the investment on team building for our collective big success in 2024. “We find ourselves at a pivotal moment in our organizational calendar and this is the perfect time to refocus our energies and strengthen our bonds as a team,” he commented.

Madam Mary Wacuka, Director for Strategy and Operations who participated throughout the day’s event acknowledged everyone’s contribution and advised us to apply the lessons we’ve learned today to tackle the next 6 months.

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