Kenya’s housing demand is way below targets. So many citizens are either living in deplorable conditions or pumping their money into some abysmal hole called rent. And they could do anything just to own their very own houses.

But this could change drastically, if this Country could to adopt prefab home technology. Prefabricated homes may refer to buildings built in components (example panels), modules (modular homes) or transportable sections (manufactured homes). Prefabs may also be used to refer to mobile homes, for example, houses on wheels.

Here are some 10 reasons why prefabs are way better than the traditional methods:

  1. Faster build programme: It takes you a very short duration of time to finish the building work and settle in.
  2. Improved build quality: Given that most of the pieces are molded off site, prefabs offer more flexible ways of being more creative with regards to building quality.
  3. Tackle skills shortage: Prefabs do not require many working hands to assemble at site. This is a given!
  4. Reduce costs, improve profitability: Compared with traditional methods of construction, prefabs slash down on costs and by extension proving to be more cost-effective.
  5. Improved health and safety: With their easy modifications, prefabs can offer panels that can allow for good ventilation.
  6. Improved site efficiency: High efficiency since there is lesser building materials and lesserlabour time at site.
  7. Meet sustainability targets: Too much excavation of stone quarries and sand harvesting may cause serious depletion of environment. Prefabs may just as well be the solution to this problem.
  8. Material shortages: All you need to have with prefabs is to prepare all materials necessary at the factory. This means that once you get to the site, you are only joining up already
  9. Reduce site waste: Site work is very limited since most of the work has already been done in a controlled
  10. Increase number of units built: Since prefabs saves on both cost and time of construction, this could be adopted by social housing developers to come up with as many units as possible within a short time frame and hence cut on the housing deficit.

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