1. Famous brand products
When was the last time that you bought something primarily because of the brand? Many people do this. Try to look for items that are similar, but without the brand name logo on it.

2. Jewelry
Yes, jewelry can be nice to have at times, but should you be spending what you should be setting aside as your life savings on it? Definitely not.

3. Shoes that you do not need
Shoes are important, but are a pair of Ksh. 7,000 sneakers/ heels a “need?” Buy shoes that help you run, walk, hike, look good, etc., but a crazy expensive pair is most likely just a waste of money.

4. Transportation
Do you find yourself driving / boarding a matatu or even using a bodaboda (motor bike taxi) to where you need to go, when you could easily walk or ride a bike? Think about this next time before you get pick your mode of tranport. Additionally, you might want to consider living closer to your place of work, so as to save on transportation costs.

5.Prepared foods
Fast foods and luxurious eat outs burn your pockets in the long run. Try to cook and carry packed lunches to save money.

Insurance is expensive, no matter what you are talking about. Car insurance, health insurance, home insurance, life insurance, etc. most likely eat up a lot of your budget. Shop around and find the best rates.

Cell phone
Cell phones are expensive in terms of daily data, phone calls texting etc. Evaluate your needs and see if there is a cheaper network provider out there.

What are you wasting your money on?

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