It is a place that is so enchanting that apart from those who are already planning to build their palatial homes, those who are in the process of owning property here keep coming back, just to feed their eyes yet another time, with the ridges and the scenic views that Amani Ridge the Place of Peace presents.

That is why Optiven keeps thinking on what more value to add in this project to ensure that families that are acquiring property in this project enjoy their stay here now and when they finally settle.

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This is precisely the reason why the idea of establishing fruit orchards came about. The orchards will be done on the Amani Ridge green parks, with each green park seating on a quarter of an acre. “This is a thought that has been incubating for the last few weeks. Once we shaped the idea, we shared it with some customers and they approved it. And we had no option but to implement it immediately,” says George Wachiuri, Optiven Group CEO.

In total, there will be ten orchards that will have the following names:

  1. Peace Orchard
  2. Love Orchard
  3. Joy Orchard
  4. Patience Orchard
  5. Kindness Orchard
  6. Goodness Orchard
  7. Faithfulness Orchard
  8. Gentleness Orchard
  9. Self-Control Orchard
  10. Wisdom Orchard

The CEO noted that these orchards will not only be a source of free vitamins but also part of Optiven’s greening policy on this project. “Optiven just contracted a landscaper to plant top fruits in these ten green parks set apart by Optiven to add more peace as families walk, pick mangoes, Guavas, Mapera, Avocado, Apple, Permanganate, Passion, et al, as we provide resting wooded seats to create a country-side feel to the families,” he observes.

Those visiting from mid May year 2020 will certainly witness the progress of this well labeled Orchards taking shape. You will thus soon have a chance to rest and enjoy with your family.

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Amani Ridge the Place of Peace will continue striving to be the most desired, peaceful, family hub for many generations to come. You can be part of the Amani Ridge community now as properties in this project are already projected to get exhausted by end of this year. Get yourself a place in this nest in Nairobi to help you rest and relax your mind.

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