Monday 15th at the KCB Leadership Centre in Karen was a day to bring forth from the Karen neighborhood to learn, educate and more importantly see how we can build more networks through partnerships. Over 100 pastors, bishops, reverends and evangelists including Bishop Phillips Katutu of the Destiny Life Church made their way to the occasion and after a sumptuous meal, Dkt Muthengi kicked off the clergy preaching about Empowerment.

George Wachiuri Founder and Chief Executive at Optiven took time to speak to the audience about Empowerment and encouraged the clergy to inspire business talks and expos noting that this boosts the entrepreneurs businesses and confidence. He also added about the Jewish culture noting great emphasis on family and communities. “Family is considered the central unit of Jewish life. Community is also essential and places of worship serve as a centre for religion, worship and social events.

Optiven Group has been championing for social economic transformation for over two decades now with a diverse portfolio specialising in gated communities. Led by George Wachiuri, the organisation is actively settling Kenyans all over the world and the clergy breakfast was a positive initiative to promote good will of the organisation.

After breakfast, the clergy went to a site visit at Achiever’s Paradise in Kimuka, Ngong our latest project where the clergy got an on ground perspective. In line with the sustainable development goal number 11, there would be a tree planting occasion this coming Saturday to combat climate change, deforestation and land degradation. At the end of the day, George Wachiuri advised to change the world through investment, partnerships and prayers.

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