The 51st celebration of Global Earth Day 2021, saw OPTIVEN plug in in a big green way. With great partnership from stakeholders, green enthusiasts, philanthropists and staff, the global day was marked with an array of greening activities at AMANI RIDGE | The Place of Peace in Kiambu county.

The celebration of Earth Day coincided with the wrap up of a 10-day challenge dubbed #optivenearthchallenge that kicked off soon after the World Forests Day. And as Optiven joined the rest of the world in celebration of Earth Day, it was a rallying call for engagement under it’s Gogreennaoptiven initiative.

Chairman of the Optiven Group Foundation, Mr George Wachiuri was leading the exercise and noted that action is needed now, by all, and in every way, in order to save the planet. Wachiuri led the way by showcasing the different interventions adapted by Optiven Group in ensuring that the world is better.

He was joined on the ground by the Optiven Director for Projects, Mr Charles Miraguri, Optiven Senior Sales Manager for Europe Mr Peter Gitonga, Optiven Senior Sales Manager for the Anerucas George Muteti and Project Engineers in charge of the different project portfolios under Optiven Group.

Wachiuri said, “we are happy as the Optiven Group family to be spearheading the Earth Day 2021 celebration in Kenya and wish to thank Matt Lefler, the Earth Day Africa Manager on behalf of the global Earth Day in Washington DC. We have scaled up in terms of using renewable energy to power our projects, adapting sustainability in waste management, advocating for water harvesting and planning our projects around green living“.

The company has also embarked on massive greening of properties under it’s portfolio to provide residents with fresh air, a cool environment and enable healthy habits by incorporating orchards in the landscape. According to Muraguri, “we are the leading real estate company in Kenya having won an award for planning our projects and have now added more community spaces for our investors to enjoy.

We believe greening is one way to protect mother Earth but a healthy lifestyle demands we provide amenities like jogging tracks and common areas with fruit trees which we have done at AMANI RIDGE, Victory Gardens and Garden of Joy among others”.

During Earth Day celebrations, Optiven planted hundreds of trees joined by staff, partners, customers, suppliers and the local community. The trees were planted in 51 plots at AMANI RIDGE to commemorate 51 years since the first Earth Day was observed. The highlight of the Optiven celebration was the little ones who participated in the greening and communicated they are the future, the Earth belongs to them and that each action to save mother Earth was for the good of all.

The world Earth Day was celebrated globally under the theme ‘Restore Our Earth‘. According to statistics by at least 21 billion people participated including children, youth and the aged. From all of us at Optiven Group, remember everyday is Earth Day.

Learn more about how to make our planet better by joining the Gogreennaoptiven Facebook group today.