Important Project updates

It’s now very official. Amani Ridge the Place of Peace is headed towards its very final home stretch. And while this is happening, here are some 6 important developments that are happening in this high-end gated community in Kiambu:

1. Internal Road Network
The internal road network within the project has been done to murram standards ready for cabro fitting once 70% of the customers have built their homes.

2. Internal Drainage and Roads Shape Up
This is currently starting with the fixing of road kerbs.

3. Estate Regulations
Amani Ridge regulations; including building guidelines and community regulations are now in force and customers will have 2 years to finalize on their payments and transfer their properties to individual names for those paying on instalments and 3 years to ensure their homes are fully built. If one does not build, service charge will still apply. This service charge which will applly to all will be determined by the management company and will be going towards maintenance of the project in terms of security and keeping the environment clean.

Optiven will continue maintaining the project in good order until handover to management association is done.

4. Water Piping along the Mains
The next big thing is the water piping along the internal roads. Upon a customer request for connection, Optiven water will facilitate at an affordable fee.

5. Electricity Connection
We are ready to have this done and discussions are ongoing with Kenya Power.

6. Solar Street Lights
We have already contracted for this and it’s set to roll out very soon.

Finally, we urge all those who want to start building their homes to submit their designs to our project engineer. We endeavour to keep you posted continually.

You are also welcome to visit and witness the progress which is happening.

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Information Source: George Wachiuri, the CEO, OPTIVEN Group