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How to carry out due diligence on a real estate firm

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I am George CEO Optiven Real Estate, I once lost Ksh.5 million shillings on a land transaction and it was one year of pain and stress. During that period, these are the lessons that I learnt that I would like to share with most of us who want to keep investing in real estate in a safe manner.

  1. Check who the directors of the business are and whether they are real and or alive – Look into their past records and carry out due diligence on them. You can know directors by asking for a copy of CR12. You can also Google the Directors to get more info on them.
  2. Ask the firm if they have a successful project and let them give proof of the same – Visit that project to ascertain the facts.
  3. Ask the competitors if they are aware of the real estate firm offering you a deal – Remember that hearing adverts from mainstream media does not mean that the company is authentic. Testimonials are not 100% proof of authenticity, nor is the use of models or media personalities in the same.
  4. Check if they have a registered office, with staff and visit the office – This is not 100% proof but it helps.
  5. Insist on visiting the project site before committing your funds – If in the Diaspora, send your representative or a lawyer.
  6. Always obey your gut feeling – Once again, obey your GUT feeling.
  7. Ask for the company profile  – Go thought it and check the company structure.

Let’s invest wisely and carefully. You can get more informative blogs on my blog www.georgewachiuri.com

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  1. Comfort

    I admire your passion, zeal,transparency, commitment and God fearing attitude.

  2. Wangui Githinji

    Thank you George. Very helpful

  3. Thanks George. That’s a great testimony. The first time you gave that testimony, I almost cancelled my real estate dreams.
    But I took it positively, which has made all the difference!
    God bless you as you scale higher heights! We are right behind you in Jesus name.

  4. Dennis

    Good stuff for investors as I have suffered several years because of not conducting due diligence.

  5. Danny

    That’s much educative, informative and encouraging.

    May God continue blessing you

  6. Josephine

    this is quite informative, thanks George

  7. Great insights on real estate.I thought it is a camera copy but found it to be unique. Well done CEO

  8. Perfect thank you and be blessed wat i suffered brought fear in every way though am adjusting

  9. kuria ann

    Thanks George for sharing

  10. Lillian

    Same happened to me.

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