Facts About Electricity Installation At Amani Ridge The Place of Peace

We take this opportunity to thank you for investing in Amani Ridge – The place of peace. As a company we have been in the real estate for over 23 years settling Kenyans. We have track record of keeping our promise in regard to the value additions in all our projects.

We had promised

  • Stone perimeter wall ✅
  • Internal cabro roads ✅
  • 24/7 caretaker & security ✅
  • Solar street lighting ✅
  • Green Parks ✅
  • Water Tower ✅
  • Solomonic Main Gate ✅
  • Provision for a Police Post ✅
  • Club House 
  • Underground Power Cabling 

All the above value additions have been successfully done save club house and underground power cabling. We are committed to put up club house once 40% home owners start living within the Estate.

In regard to underground power cabling, we write to inform you that we have had a challenge beyond us of which we have been handling for the last two years. We paid Kenya Power and Lighting Company for the underground power cabling on 19th May 2021.

However, to date we have only received:

  • 2 drums of 4 core by 70mm,
  • 2 drums of 3 core by 120mm and
  • 0.5 of 4 core by 70mm.

We are yet to receive:

  • 4 pieces of termination kits,
  • 2.2 drums of 3core by 95, 3.4tx of 315kva transformers and
  • 4.38 pieces by 24ways tarlets (for distribution)

We have followed up the supply of the remaining materials and power installation upto the level of the cabinet secretary’s office. Optiven strongly believes and thrives in integrity and honesty, which are also engraved in our core values. Guided by the above values we have taken a step of informing you our esteemed customer of this challenge.

In the Light of the above updates we are aware that the community needs electricity as the magnificent homes come up.

Please help us make a decision by taking a vote on any of the two options below:

  1. Be patient with us as we follow the underground power lines  (We do not know when this will be done)
  2. Approve  power supply variation to overhead power lines ( Use of Posts – This takes shorter time).

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    This is to notify all Home owners of Amani Ridge The place of peace the we have The Home Owners Building and construction Rules and Regulations which are registered with Kiambu County Government department of Land, Housing, Physical Planning and Urban Development.

    Therefore, all building, construction and developments must adhere to the estate regulation approvals and must be in line with the county rules of Housing, physical planning and Urban development. The homeowner interim Committee is now in place

    Any building, attempt to do a wall , house or development that does not adhere to the specification of the Estate regulations or flout the county rules, the enforcement and urban Development inspectorate shall bring it down at the cost of the owner.

    Kindly take notice

    Optiven Legal department
    Head of Legal
    Ethel Kipoto

    We require an interim committee to manage the project on behalf of Amani Ridge home owners Association. Let’s have four volunteers to take the assignment on interim basis

    1. Chair
    2. Vice chair
    3. Treasurer
    4. secretary
    5. Optiven through our head of legal will be the patron on the interim


    The committee will

    1. Handle all construction overview before county approves
    2. Handle customer issues
    3. Bring the estate to best Unity, security, determine service charge etc
    4. Manage the estates, manage staff, security issues, landscaping etc
    5. Work with Optiven on every value addition finalisation
    6. AOB

    If interested kindly contact

    • 0790 300 300 / 0796 000 333
    • Att: John Kyalo or Christine Kasaya