Optiven App has now become the talk of town due to its sure way of allowing those who have downloaded the App to earn passive income, especially now many of us are working at home.  One person who is taking full advantage of Optiven App is James. Currently with over 400 referrals under his belt, he is now at the edge of making good income without much hustle.

What does James’ over 400 Referrals mean to him:

  • This is like having over 400 people working for him. If any of these sell today, tomorrow or in 7 years to come, James will be notified via SMS. You can be like James.
  • You only need to download the App, and if you already have, Do not uninstall the App keep it on your home screen.
  • When the followers of any of the 400 sell or buy, James gets 15%.
  • What an amazing App: Just call it Money App It is an App that every one should have.
  • Actually, this Optiven App should be next to the App like Mpesa, WhatsApp. Its now on the league of these money earning Apps.

Here see some of those who have earned

What are the three things that you must do?

  1. Register as a partner
  2. Share referral link on all your digital platforms (Twitter, FB, IG, Telegram etc.)
  3. Subscribe to SMS notifications (This will alert you when your referral buy or sell and monthly updates on Hot deals)

Download link: https://shrts.net/a6ixO
Call for support: 07 40 400 400 or 0741 700 700
Email: mkononi@optiven.co.ke