The Optiven Diaspora team to the United Kingdom continued to empower Kenyans living and working in different parts of the United Kingdom this September. The team later hosted the Optiven Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. George Wachiuri who visited different cities in the United Kingdom to meet and empower Kenyans to invest back at home. The delighted Kenyans took time to meet with the Optiven UK team over dinner, lunch and even a comedy show just for them that was held in East London on 6th September 2023.

Speaking shortly after addressing the attendees at the comedy show, Mr. Wachiuri said, “It was great meeting over 500 Kenyans in East London during the comedy organised by Princess Ottach, a Kenyan in the UK. “ Wachiuri also took the opportunity to thank Kenyans who turned out in large numbers during the Optiven tour in different cities mainly in London, Milton, Keynes, Lutton, Manchester, Northampton, Oxford, Bedford, Redding, and Nottingham.

Optiven has in the year 2023 upscaled its engagement in the diaspora by keeping their promise to Kenyans living and working in different continents around the world. As the company grows, catalysed by it’s 24 years of service, Optiven has also opened an office in the United States in addition to a bank account at J P Morgan bank to ease the payment process for investors in the diaspora.

Key countries that Optiven has stamped its footprint in across the continents includes the United Kingdom, Scotland, France, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the United States of America among others.

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