The first four months of 2024 has seen an 18.8% jump in remittances from the same period in 2023 representing a sh. 77 billion increase according to the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). The data highlights that more than half of the remittance amounts were channeled towards investments such as real estate and mortgage payments clearly affirming that


As Optiven Limited, the first third has clearly demonstrated our intentionality with the diaspora community visiting over 40 cities across the globe delivering our promise. The Kenyans in diaspora are a huge component of our vision of achieving social economic transformation and that assurance has earned us “The Diaspora Focused Real Estate Brand 2024” by the Valuable Brands Awards.

According to Dr. Wachiuri, Optiven Limited CEO, this recognition is a testament to our professionalism, innovative approach and the customer-centric philosophy, which have been instrumental in the success. “By strengthening ties with the diaspora and showcasing opportunities back home, we have encouraged investment in various sectors with these remittances playing a crucial role in the economic development of Kenya,” he commented.

The CBK data indicates the primary sources of Kenya’s diaspora remittances have come from the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, including other European countries. Currently in the named countries, our dedicated diaspora department have raised the bar for investment opportunities allowing the Kenyans abroad to contribute meaningfully to Kenya’s real estate landscape.

This in turn fuels the economy and as the industry continues to grow, factors such as the affordable housing program, rapid population growth and governments spend on infrastructure indicate huge potential and greater returns on investment in this market.

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