Optiven Group is a great promoter of environmental protection. Nature is what feeds us and is also our gift to the generations to come. As such, each one of us has a responsibility to protect and nurture it in the most practical and the best way possible. In the same line, we strongly advocate on the use of a bio-digester in individual homes for cleaner environment and efficient water usage.

Why use a Bio-digester

  1. Eco-Friendly: It disposes waste with significant reduction of pollution in the environment.
  2. Better space utilization: This unit comparatively uses a smaller space.
  3. Pocket Friendly: Minimal excavation and set-up cost.
  4. No bad smell: it is hygienically recommended because it doesn’t smell and never gets filled up, so there is no need for exhauster services.
  5. Environmental sustainability: This is assured through improved sanitation, production of renewable energy fertilization of the soil and reduction of free methane emissions.

Standard Terms and conditions to all residents

  1. All residents in our projects are highly encouraged to comply with regulations concerning environmental protection health, safety and waste handling.
  2. You are required to Sign the Optiven Environmental Protection Charter with the Optiven Group. No charges apply.
  3. All construction approvals must have a bio-digester.
  4. You have an individual responsibility to ensure that you produce, store, transport and dispose off waste without harming the environment.


Optiven Management in liaison with the Property Owners Association will monitor the compliance of the bio-digestor setup for all constructions. We shall work together to maintain the set standards in our projects.  We as OPTIVEN, the NUMBER ONE ENVIRONMENTAL ADVOCATES, urge you to consider using this drainage system in your development in order to join the movement in environmental conservation. Kindly contact our office for more information on technicalities and potential suppliers.

Potential Suppliers

Wonder Biodigester
0725 63249 | 0722 427737
1 – 10 persons {Ksh 85, 000}

Dunglossy Crafter’s Ltd ,
0703 234 298 / 0736 332 051
1 – 10 persons ( 1 cubic Mtrs Unit) @ Ksh 80,000

Riflo industries
0711 834871 | 0733 670010
1 – 10 persons {Ksh150,000}

NB: This is an advisory note; the owner maintains the final decision.