Congratulations for investing with Optiven Limited. Together we would like to develop green communities. This is in line with our policy on environmental protection. As such, we advocate that as we plant trees along the main road in our projects, customers will also take the initiative to plant trees in their plots.

Expression of interest

Once the clients are ready to plant trees in their plot, they will be required to:

Standard Terms and Conditions

  1. Greening commencement: It starts upon water connection and meter installation on the owner’s plot.
  2. Recommended Trees: We shall offer free advisory on the best trees and greenery to plant.
  3. Water connection fee: The amount payable is Kshs.12,000 which is non-refundable.
  4. Greening set up: Upon request we shall Plant and tend the trees up to 2 months at a standard cost of Kshs. 13,000 (Applicable if Optiven is planting tree for you)
  5. Drip irrigation Set up: We shall advice on the setup cost after the two months of tendering.
  6. Destruction Penalty: The trees planted along the internal roads should be taken care of by each resident. Any tree destroyed shall be surcharged at a fee of Kshs 4,000 per tree.

Cost Analysis

  • Water Connection = Ksh 12,000
  • Seedlings = Ksh 500
  • Labour (planting) 1 day @ Ksh 500 per day = Ksh 500
  • Labour (Tending & watering) 3 times per week for 8 weeks @ Ksh 500 per day = Ksh 12,000
  • Total = Ksh 25,000

Breakdown Greening set up

  1. Fill the project environmental form – Download Form
  2. Fill the water connection form – Download Form


Optiven Mangement in liaison with the Property Owners Association will implement and monitor the compliance of the procedure. We shall work together to raise the standards of the entire neighborhood.

Let us Go Green, Let us Maintain the Green