Over the past 23 years Optiven Limited has been at the forefront in ensuring that we achieve a threshold of quality and responsive real estate products. Having achieved this milestone, we have set out to maintain the standard and ensure that the public benefits from our products. By extension, we are happy to introduce the Optiven Affiliate Marketing programme the Affiliate Programme” described below.

The Affiliate Programme

It is our intention to create opportunities for Kenyans through our products and specifically through the programme. The programme entails the engagement of independent, resourceful and competent individuals “the Affiliates” who share in the mission of the brand Optiven and are seeking avenues of monetizing their unique links and networks.

As a qualified and onboarded Affiliate, you shall have access to feature  and showcase any of the available Optiven’s real estate products and shall earn a commission for every successful and completed sale you drive.

Who are we looking for?

We love working with individuals who share our vision and mission and provide opportunities for mutual benefit. To qualify for the  programme, we look for the following attributes:

  • Passion
  • Relevance
  • Versatility
  • Creativity
  • Intent

What Makes this affiliate Marketing Programme Stand Out?

  • Remuneration – Through the programme, we offer competitive pay where you will earn an extra income through commissions emanating from the successful sales that you make. The commission structure and the terms of remuneration shall be specifically provided for in your contract. The Affiliate can access Optiven’s Catalog and promote the Product they think their audience would mostly be interested in.
  • Tracking of Sales – Optiven Limited is anchored on the principle of honesty which shall be the basis of our engagement. During the Period of the Affiliate Programme, Optiven Limited shall give timely and accurate reports on the sales made to the Affiliate for purposes of tracking.
  • Trainings – The Affiliates have the chance of benefiting from the various trainings and talks conducted by and on behalf Optiven Limited during the period of the Contract. These trainings shall be of personal gain to the Affiliates which shall not only enable them function as Affiliates but also in their other personal capacity.
  • Relationship – The programme shall not be construed as employment with Optiven, the Affiliate shall represent Optiven as a fiduciary who shall not be restricted in having other engagements conducted in good faith.

Further terms of the Affiliate Marketing Programme shall be provided in the Contract upon engagement.

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