The Optiven mentorship program is a transformative initiative that has equipped budding young professionals with valuable skills and experience in the dynamic job market, since it’s inception in 2019, the objective has been to consistently provide a platform for talented individuals to gain practical knowledge, hone their abilities and contribute meaningfully to the organisation’s success.

Joyce Njambi, Human Resource incharge of the mentees described them as a diverse and vibrant cohort, “We as the Optiven HR team are immensely proud of the 2023 class. These talented individuals have not only impressed us with their technical skills and academic achievements but also with their dedication, enthusiasm and positive attitude.”

Throughout their journey, the interns were immersed in a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide them with a holistic understanding of their professions. There were Information Communication specialists, documentation students, finance experts, marketing enthusiasts and this diversity enriched the learning experience and fostered a spirit of collaboration.

Beyond the technical expertise, the program also emphasized the importance of soft skills development. The mentees had the opportunity to refine their communication, teamwork and problem solving abilities. This well rounded approach aimed to empower them to become not only competent professionals but also well adjusted individuals.

The completion of the program marks a significant milestone for Optiven’s commitment to nurturing future mentees and contributing to the growth of talent. As the organisation looks ahead to the next chapter, it remains dedicated to providing exceptional learning opportunities for young professionals shaping the future leaders.

2023 concludes with a wave of inspiration and a sense of accomplishment which clouds over the mentees who are now equipped with valuable skills and new found confidence, standing poised to embark on successful careers.

My journey with these corridors may have begun as an intern but it ends not as a staff but an Optiven member. As I step into the new chapter, I carry with me not just the technical know-how but also the spirit of Optiven,” said James Kabui, a mentee who was absorbed in the ICT department.

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