Amani Ridge - The place of Peace

Amani Ridge – The Place of Peace is an ultra-modern Mini-City that neighbours Nova Pioneer School and Tatu City. As one of Optiven Group’s prime projects, it is located only 3.2kms off Kiambu-Kamiti Road and is easily accessible from Kiambu Road and Thika Super-Highway, via the Eastern By-Pass.

Now, as a forward-looking investor, there are many things that you can do with your property at Amani Ridge – The place of Peace. Here is a list of 5 prudent things that you can do to make good use of this great piece of property that is so strategically located:

  1. Build a Castle House for your Family: If you treasure your family as much, you will go out of your way to make sure they have the best comfort that life can ever bring. Amani Ridge offers you the right place to build such a dream family home.
  1. Build a magnificent palace for your sun-down years: You certainly deserve to live a royal life. And even more so, during your sun-down years. These are the times that you will need a lot of tranquillity around you, and Amani Ridge is the ultimate place of true tranquillity.
  1. Build a great rental home and generate constant income after that: Earning an extra income to add to your current investment profile can never be a bad idea after all. You can grab this opportunity, come up with a beautiful home(s) that you can rent out to one of the many expatriates who continue to troop into Nairobi. The beauty about this arrangement is that you can still change use of this home to your convenience, at a later date if you so desire.
  1. Buy a gift for a loved one: One of the best gifts that you can bequeath one of your dear ones to mark a certain momentous occasion or achievement is a lovely house that sits on one of the prime-most locations in Kiambu. The beneficially of such a gesture would live to forever cherish you.
  1. Buy and re-sell after price has appreciated: Some of the top billionaires in the world have made their money through this strategy. Placing your money into strategic real estate projects is one of the surest ways of making good money. In the next 5 to 10 years, the price of Amani Ridge – The Place of Peace and its environs will have sky-rocketed to astronomical figures.

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