For 18 years now, Optiven has been changing the lives of its clients, inspiring families, as well as empowering Kenyans to free themselves from poverty. Many have given testimonials attesting to this and stated why they have chosen Optiven for all their real estate needs. Here are some of the reasons Optiven should be your real estate company of choice.

  1. Convenience: Optiven ensures that you acquire property with minimal disruptions to your everyday business or activities. The company does the work for you and walks with you in your journey to acquire property.
  2. You come first: Optiven always has the client in mind, as the company believes in inclusion of all in property ownership or acquisition. We offer you irresistible offers time and again, that allow for affordable and flexible payment plans.
  3. You can trust us: Optiven has been running a legitimate business for over 18 years. This is solid proof of our customers’ confidence in us. You can trust in the fact that you will not lose your hard earned money, but will instead get value for it, when you invest with us.
  4. Value-addition: Optiven properties are spruced up to ensure we offer value to our customers, value that increases year on year. This applies to our value-added plots across Kenya. You can view some of the value added plots here.
  5. Award winning company: Optiven limited is a decorated company, having won a number of awards in recent years. Among awards won is the award for Top overall company in Kenya in 2014/2015 in the top 100 mid-sized companies. We were also awarded the best company in customer orientation and marketing in Kenya in the COYA awards in 2015.

To get more details on how you can invest with us Kindly talk to us via 0702 831083 , 0738 831083, Email; info@optiven.co.ke. Website: http://www.optiven.co.ke

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