The launch of the FurahiaNaOptiven Campaign by Optiven continues to elicit positive reactions among the public.   The launch which was graced by the Optiven Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. George Wachiuri on 1st October 2021 is the biggest in the history of real estate in Kenya.

The launch of the campaign coincided with the beginning of the Customer Service month and it’s signature action towards customer centricity was almost expected from the Optiven Real Estate arm.  Speaking during the launch, Wachiuri reiterated that the campaign is centered on rewarding the customers for their trust in Optiven.

He said, “At Optiven we are customer-centric and all our campaigns are keen on giving back to the customer first through adding value to their investment.  For us we are keen to keep our customers smiling and confident that their decision is the right one just like our new brand.”  So what the top 5 questions that customers are asking about the campaign?

It is a draw based campaign that was launched on 1st  October 2021.   This means that the prizes will be won through a draw that is done independently as well as open to all who enter in the draw.

The campaign which runs for three months will require customers to pay 500,000 shillings to get the minimum 50 entry points.  Thereafter, for every 10,000 shillings paid that is one entry point.   The more entry points a customer has the more their chances of winning.

Exciting prizes are up for grabs for the next 90 days.   Every day, lucky customers in the draw will win 1000 shillings of airtime.   Other prizes are one-of-a-kind holidays, value added plots and a car every month.   For example in the month of October a brand new Toyota Passo is up for the driving away.  Other vehicles being won are a Toyota Vitz in November 2021 and a Mercedes Benz C180 in December 2021.

The campaign is one of the ways that we are also giving back to our community through the Optiven Foundation.   The campaign is registered with the government through the Betting and Licensing Control Board, who issued the number 002644 for the FurahiaNaOptiven campaign.  The announcement of the winners is also done publicly through the partnership between Optiven Limited and Nation Media Group through its NTV channel.

Any person or persons investing with Optiven Real Estate.  This include current customers who can redeem payments for their properties upto and above 500,000 shillings.  Others are new customers who are investing with Optiven for the very first time with the initial payment of 500,000 shillings.  As indicated the 500,000 shillings will give the minimum entry requirement which is 50 entry points.   Thereafter, every 10,000 shillings will give an additional 1 entry.   The more you pay, the more entries you get and the more your chances of winning.

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