An organization that doesn’t create a positive impact on the society where it operates isn’t worth its salt. And Optiven Group knows this better. Here are 5 concrete ways how this pacesetter in Africa’s real estate is building lives.

  1. Wealth Creation: Optiven Limited offers friendly ways for real estate investors to own land. Moreover, Optiven focuses you on best high return investments.
  1. Creating Value: Optiven Limited creates value on unimproved land by adding amenities such as electricity, access roads and street lighting – thusmaking lives of those who settle in these lots way easier.
  1. Job Creator: Optiven Group runs a number of subsidiaries that include: Optiven Limited, Optiven Construction, Optiven Manufacturing and Optiven Foundation. In total, Optiven Group now employs 200 employees directly and 200 more indirectly, therefore transforming so many lives indirectly
  1. Philanthropy: Optiven Foundation has been touching hundreds of Kenyan lives through its four main pillars namely; poverty alleviation, health, environment and education.
  1. Building relations: Optiven Group has been in existence for more than two decades. Over this period of time, Optiven has managed to build relationships not only in Kenya but across the globe – having created a web of partners and clientele across all the 5 global continents.

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