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A night walk by any standard requires the assurance of security.   The presence of lighting almost always provides a great approach and courage to venture in the night.   It helps even more if the light is available within a gated community.   What this means is that there is a likelihood to pay a visit to a neighbor, engage in a barbecue or stay late with family watching the last embers of a bonfire well after 11 oclock in the night.   That is the status of Amani Ridge | The Place of Peace.   The premier project by Optiven saw the completion of the lighting of the gated community on 18th October 2021.

Speaking shortly after the completion of the lighting installation at the Kiambu based project, George Wachiuri, Chief Executive at Optiven Group expressed confidence and delight at the development.   He thanked the projects team that had worked day and night to ensure that the value additions are not only on cause but also well done.   Sharing his sentiments at the project, Wachiuri said, “ as the Optiven family we take this opportunity to first of all thank God for the conclusion of the lighting installation.   We made a promise to our customers and now we are happy to report that it is done.”

This makes Amani Ridge a super green project in line with the Optiven mantra and lifestyle that embraces the GoGreen Initiative.   As at the end of October 2021, the project is now entirely installed with clean  energy lighting on all avenues, lanes  and streets.  Already the project is home to a solar powered fountain as well as hundreds of trees that were planted during the the 2021 celebration of World Earth Day.

The completion of the lighting exercise comes during the customer service month at Optiven.   It is hoped that the development will provide a catalyst for the customers who invested in the project to take the next step and begun building.

While some have already begun the construction of their dream homes, the project has been turned to become a five  star 🌟 project beaming with value additions, class and green spaces. The project has been singled out as one of the features to change Kiambu County and with the development it is well in stride to complement this virtue.   With most of the project already sold, it is expected to be sold out not later than December 2021.

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