We are now all set to adjust prices by 20% starting 1st October 2020

We are glad to announce a price change of this Jewel in Kiambu County. We have been offering this project on the initial start price since we started two years ago.  We have now done most of the PRIME VALUE ADDITIONS including:

  • Water Tank ✅
  • Perimeter Wall ✅
  • Razor Wire ✅
  • Solomonic Gate ✅
  • State-of-the-art Landscaping ✅
  • Water Fountain ✅
  • Individual title deeds processed ✅
  • Trees & fruits planted ✅

New prices ranges from 5.225M to 12.225M depending on the sizes
If you want to take advantage of the old price book your plot now with old price

Call Now: 0790 300300 or 0723 400500
Email:  info@optiven.co.ke