We are pleased to inform you that Optiven Limited has been in various States in the USA.  We were ther because We care, and also because we Value you! The reason for this visit is not to make quick Money BUT rather, achieve the Following:

  • Consolidate and Establish Long term positive Relationship with our Brothers and Sisters in the Diaspora.
  • To achieve this, we are offering Very Inspirational Talks, Investment Advise not ONLY on matters Real Estate but also on other matters such as in the areas of Growing wealth for our people.
  • Kindly See “How to Build Relationships” by clicking (www.georgewachiuri.com).
  • Optiven Limited is also Empowering Diasporianson how they can easily, safely & affordably attain the Benefits of our well sort, Strategically Located and Value Added Properties across theDifferent Counties in Kenya.
  • We are also encouraging the Diasporians to consider partneringwith our very Vibrant Charity, OptivenFoundation (www.optivenfoundation.org) which is living in its core mandate of Transforming Millions of lives in Kenya by setting Eyes on the Community.
  • So far, we have many Diasporians who have bought some of our Books (Soaring like an Eagle & Unleash your full potential) to support the most vulnerable in our Society.
  • It is very amazing and humbling to see how Kenyans love helping each other and more so, the less fortunate in the Society.
  • Optiven Limited, these Inspirational Talks, is raising the morale, ego and self-worth of our people.
  • Many Kenyans are becoming extremely aware & positive about themselves, their work, their Love for Kenya and also their Families.
  • The vision for Optiven is to be Pacesetters in the Social Economic Transformation.
  • We are very pleased to see this vision unfold very well and becoming a reality even in the USA.
  • Optiven Limited is turning things around, raising Confidence and making future investors.
  • We have been In the Real Estate Business for 18-years now; We are very pleased to see people tap and Benefit from this Experience.
  • Optiven Limited aspires to be Among the Top 100 biggest Companies in Africa.
  • At Optiven, We envision to create over 15,000 jobs and provide over 30,000 affordable Homes by the year 2035.
  • We are very willing, ready and committed to empower ourpeople, and also inspire other Companies to grow because we believe in the Abundance Mentality.
  • At Optiven, We do not compete with likeminded Companies in this Industry but rather Complement them.
  • We Look forward to partnering with you to make the world a Better place, Both for for us and the generations to come.
  • There is a saying that goes, “As a man thinketh, So he is “
    Kindly see the video under “Optiven Kenya Youtube. ” Let’s Think Big, Start Small, Start Now “

If you are in the USA,You have are a member of any group ,Such as a Chama ,Church, Family, Workplace and you would love to have us come Empower you, Kindly do not hesitate to Contact us through the Following:

  • Whats app: +254 716 605 410/ + 254 713 588 899.