Are you in a state of confusion on whether to go for a ready-made house or take the bold move to buy land and build your own house? Here are 7 reasons why taking the initiative to construct your own house – eventually – will be far much prudent than buying a ready-made House.

  1. You get to choose your preferred location: If you take the option of buying land first, you have the upper hand at choosing your preferred area, route and zone. Your heart is the king here; and it will forever be contented at the area where you opt to zoom in.
  1. You are able to get the right materials: A ready-made house may have been built using (substandard) materials that you wouldn’t have approved of, if you had the chance. By buying your own parcel of land and building a house by yourself, you get a chance to go for the best materials that there is.
  1. You are assured of discount on materials – at the right un-inflated price: By directly being involved in procurement of building materials, you will probably safe on some good money, by getting discounts that would have otherwise ended on someone else’ pocket!
  1. You construct at you own pace: When you are doing it by yourself, you are able to take your own time undertaking one of the most important project in your life, constructing your very own palace – a brick at a time.
  1. You get to choose your own architectural design: Almost every young man has a fanciful image of the kind of house that they would wish to live in when they become adults. The only way to translate this into reality is to have your own land, get in touch with the best architect that there is, then come up with a classic design that matches with your dream.
  1. Every aspect of your house is new: If you go for an already made house, chances are that some aspects of your house – maybe the wardrobes or the interior fittings – are just some very old pieces that have been thoroughly worked on using stacks of sandpapers and layers upon layers of hoodwinking varnish, to seemingly look new. By doing your very own house, you avoid such pitfalls.
  1. You avoid buyer’s remorse: That small defect that you hadn’t noted at the beginning and it is now bothering you so much such that you feel like you will smash it using a ruthless sledgehammer. Or some rots under the basement that initially didn’t seem to have been there at first sight, until you later accidentally stepped on it and everything went crumbling down like some ancient ruined tower. That is what you will precisely avoid, by taking the initiative to buy some piece of land and diligently build a house that you and your off-springs will cherish for decades to come.

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