The month of February 2021, may have come and gone in a flash.  For some, it was a time for immense transformation while for others it was the beginning of a journey for rediscovery, discovery or the realization for their dreams.  Yet for others, it was the month of love globally, an excellent opportunity to prove what love is despite celebrating love everyday with our loved ones, significant others and even our families.

The roll out of the #14KindaLove campaign by Optiven Real Estate was well received with a number of customers coming on board.  While Optiven has been well known for making it’s customers happy, the Valentine’s campaign was a unique one as it considered the individual needs of the customers.

From the launch of the campaign, in January 2021 to it’s end on 21/2/2021, different customers redeemed their rewards for different uses.  It was not the highlight however because according to Mr. George Wachiuri, CEO, Optiven Group, ‘we are humbled that our customers embraced the campaign and even better are now owners of property from our varied portfolios.  Indeed it was not just about the reward but the continuous roll out of the transformative agenda to meet our overall vision of enabling Kenyans to be home owners by the year 2030’.  Wachiuri added that this is currently on course even as Optiven joins the government in it’s effort to provide habitation for the people of Kenya.

Throughout the campaign, happy customers and their loved ones have had occasion to visit the Optiven offices to collect their rewards.  Speaking separately to our newsletter team, the customers expressed great joy at receiving their 14,000 shillings.

For some it was an impetus to enable them make redemptions, while others saw it as a catalyst to fast track their dream of home ownership.  Yet there were three couples that used the opportunity to take their relationship to the next level, albeit by starting out the foundation of their future with a property from the Optiven Real Estate portfolio.

Indeed it was a roll out on love issues for lovers to show true love by gifting their significant other a plot at our various projects.  All the customers needed to do during the campaign was to make a deposit of 500,000 shillings or redeem installment with the same amount.  The reward was 14,000 Cash that one could use to treat their Valentine for a dinner, safari walk or a vacation.

The campaign opened up the opportunity for investors to redeem their payments for the properties they have with Optiven for upto 500,000 shillings and a reward of 14,000 shillings was automatic.  At the end of the campaign, Wachiuri congratulated the customers and assured them of the continuous support that Optiven is famous for as well as being available to answer their queries and walk with them the journey of property ownership.

Optiven Real Estate has been singled out for an award in meeting customer needs and after over 20 years in the industry, it continues to set the pace for players in the sector.

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