The Dinner with a Lion Campaign under Optiven Limited that was launched on 12th November 2019 has come to a close. Over 100 customers who participated in the campaign have their bags packed and rearing to go as all roads now lead to the world famous Maasai Mara this March. The campaign benefitted investors in all the projects that form the Optiven Limited portfolio for the period ending 15th February 2019.

Ahead of the Mara holiday, the team at Optiven Limited has been planning for a spectacular experience for our clients as they head to the Mara, with organizers indicating that it shall be an experience with a difference. It is expected that the opportunity will avail our valuable investors sometime to reflect and plan ahead as well as to relax and get insights to further enhance their investment.

The Dinner with a Lion Campaign is the fourth among campaigns to reward investors who have invested with Optiven Limited. A total of over 5 such campaigns have seen customers enjoy themselves in Mombasa under the LipaCash campaign as well as in the Mara.