With less than 5 days remaining to the General Elections in Kenya, Optiven Group declared its position on what they wish to see in the wake of the nationwide exercise:


Let’s embrace peace before, during, and after elections. Elections will Go, and Kenya shall Stand!”

The beauty of Kenya lies in our diversity as Kenyans. We may differ in tribes, opinions, and interests but at the end of the day, we are united by the fact that we are Kenyans.

For the full video follow this link https: //bit.ly/OptivenForPeace

Amidst the General Elections fever, Optiven is inspiring possibilities in Kenyans to take part in the acquisition of land. Standing head and shoulders above the competition with their customer-centric campaigns and offers.

This month, Kenyans were treated to an extension of July’s campaign to #ShikaPlotiTekeTeke, investors will receive a KSH 3000 Cashback immediately after they make a minimum deposit of KSH 149K on any property of their choice.

Together inspiring possibilities.

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