The last day of January is often received with jubilation especially after the survival period that characterizes the beginning of the year.  But there are among these lot the hawk-eyed investors, keen to take their investment to the next level.

These are the ones who reap in what the Bible calls, ‘big sheaves’ as it is written in Psalms verse 126 verse 6.   The celebration was to honor those who had invested with Optiven in terms of buying new properties or making a redemption on their investment for their previous purchases.

According to the campaign team, the investors were only required to pay a modest sum of 450,000 Kenyan shillings in the month of January 2020 and be eligible for a special gift courtesy of Optiven Limited.

Meeting with the investors at the awarding ceremony on 31st January 2020 to mark the culmination of the event, Group CEO, Mr. George Wachiuri took the moment to congratulate the customers individually.

Wachiuri said, investing in any venture and especially real estate is intentional and the future of that investment is a sure bet that it will not only grow but also transform your life.  He added that as per the vision of Optiven Limited, initiatives and campaigns, such as ‘FunguaDecadenaOptiven’ are geared towards making it possible for customers to roll out their dreams.

Wachiuri said that the power of a vision is what makes dreams possible for without the vision nothing moves.  Each of the customers was awarded with a unique customized vision board and a selection of goodies to celebrate with them their achievement.

The campaign which was launched at the dawn of the new year 2020 on January 6th, considered the milestones that many expect in terms of resolutions.  It called on investors to consider starting early with regard to completing their payments for investments with Optiven Limited and also taking the opportunity to bring to life their dreams for the next 10 years.

The customers that qualified in the campaign were excited to have an opportune mentorship session with Wachiuri with many expressing their preferences for investing in Optiven Limited owing to its Customer Service, Professionalism, Honesty and Openness. Their sentiments bore a testament to the very values that Optiven Limited is based on.

As the decade pans out, the success of the ‘FunguaDecadenaOptiven’ provides a motivation to any investor to understand that their investment in real estate is bound to be more profitable with development.  Among the resolutions that the customers who qualified shared, included making more investments with Optiven Limited, sending referrals to the number one real estate company and beginning construction of their decade homes starting with January 2020.

This is welcome news especially for investors in Victory Gardens – Kitengela, Garden of Joy – Machakos and Amani Ridge | The Place of Peace – Kiambu where investors have already begun building their dream homes while others are even living on the project.

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