The end of Valentine’s Day worldwide, opens the door for Easter plans especially for those whose fetish is not to plan for the entire year.  Needless to say, some get so exhausted from the shenanigans of the New Year and the quick following Valentines Day that the budget is quickly depleted.

It is the reality of limped out budgets that perhaps advised the many men who chose instead to attend the infamous ‘Men’s Conference’ that had no particular venue or terms of reference.

Thus the observation of tendencies for careful spending inevitably towards making it a must do to cut down on costs.  But the element for forward planning is also key as it advises on important aspects of life balance and especially considering that majority of Kenyans seldom save for holidays.

The innovative team at the Optiven Limited – the arm that specializes in transformed properties that economically and socially empower the society – were at it again!  In a series of campaigns the team has rolled out a unique one that will sort out families which are keen to keep the tradition of gathering during the Easter season.

The new campaign dubbed #GetMbuzified was rolled out on 20th February 2019 with a bang as the team on board shared great enthusiasm on the campaign.  The unique campaign will seek to identify and reward investors who have spent at least 700,000 shillings in any of the projects with a live mbuzi, otherwise referred to in the Kenyan context as Mbuzi Meeeh.

In addition, the clients will have the joy of cooling it down with a full crate of soda accompanying the Mbuzi.  This is in true appreciation of the Kenyan tradition of sharing with family and friends during Easter.

While the tradition has been diminishing over the years owing to various factors including lack of funds, limited time, high costs of travel or even lack of mbuzi, the same will not be possible for many Optiven Limited investors.

Speaking at the launch of the campaign, Mr. George Wachiuri, the CEO at Optiven Group advised that:  the idea behind the campaign is to bring to the fore the reality that as the pacesetter in real estate, our intention to bring families together is as real as can be.  He noted that the campaign which ends on 16th of April 2019 will also provide an opportunity for the investors to network with one another and also make new friends.

According to Wachiuri, ‘it is not about the Mbuzi, it is about the fulfilment of being with one’s friends and family while at the same time having life changing decision making moments about the future’. 

The campaign comes about 50 days shy of Easter which comes uncharacteristically late this year where Easter Sunday is on 21 April.  Costs of transport and food are expected to rise sharply during this season owing to the celebrations and the need for some to travel upcountry to be with their families.

It is not an extra ordinary sight to see people stranded at bus termini waiting to travel, or different companies carrying out Easter campaigns for various products and services.

Winners of the Mbuzi Meeehh with Optiven will therefore have another reason to smile as the budget for goat meat and it is jolly good meat, not just because it is expensive, but also because it is nutritious.

Indeed Easter does come early and with goodies thanks to Optiven Limited and the GetMbuzified campaign.  For now, here’s wishing you an #EasterbilaStress

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