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Someone once said that, ‘The best investment you can make is meaningful time with your family’. But for you to meet that family it calls for putting a number of things in place including where, when, how and other logistics. But the bottomline is that a venue is core to the meeting and if the venue is a home, one that you own, then you can sit pretty and relax in your investment.

A majority of families in Kenya are taking this family gatherings seriously and taking the first step to ensure there is a home for the future generations. The journey that begun with one step, has continued to be a celebration of achievement for the 1000 miles travelled in acquisition of homes. These were some of the discussions that made the travel, food, accommodation, and fun a big deal during the just concluded TembezaMpenzi campaign.

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The campaign launched on 25th April 2019, saw Optiven take at least 100 customers who had made the relevant deposits to purchase any of the Optiven properties in Kiambu, Kitengela, Machakos and Nyeri respectively, on a tour of the world famous Amoseli National Park.

The clients were picked from the Optiven Group head office at Barclays Plaza in Nairobi and proceeded to the holiday destination all courtesy of Optiven Limited. While at the Amboseli, the clients were able to enjoy the scenic beauty of Kenya’s landscapes as well as the different animals that make Kenya, truly a magical destination.

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Speaking shortly before the customers left for the Amboseli, the Group Chief Executive George Wachiuri advised that the move advising the campaign was based on the corporate goal of making investing fun by engaging the whole family and creating lasting experiences for investment and bonding.

In the case of the Amboseli Tour, families came together, friends took time to bond with new ones and it was a wonderful opportunity for investors to meet and strategise with their neighbors in the Optiven projects. Wachiuri says, ‘the customers have shared their feedback saying memorable moments were made by the bonfire as current affairs formed the discussions alongside planning and bonding’.

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One of the families that attended were grateful and said that ‘the laughter will linger for a long time, the trip was short but memorable in terms of fun, and creating moments we shall not forget’. While many would have liked to join this team to the Mara, Optiven Limited remains confident that it shall continue to meet the needs of our customers and do so in a fun way. Do you know what we shall be discovering next? Keep the tab in this space as Optiven unveils the Next Big Thing.

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