Amani Ridge the place of Peace is gradually taking an inspiring shape as the stone wall around the project comes to life.  This wall that stretches along the 4 sides of the gated community will later be installed with laser wire and will be beefed up with CCTV installation, making this place one of the most secure places around.  Interestingly, the 4 walls of this great project have an interesting story; here we go for each them:

The wall of Peace
This is the very first wall to be elected at Amani Ridge the Place of Peace. The wall has views that will inspire you to gaze until ideas drops from heaven. The wall of Peace is equally very cool to take a walk as you admire the quality work by Eng. Dickson.  The wall is 9 meters high and soon will have a green decoration on its upper side. Green is a colour of prosperity and productivity.

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The wall of Wisdom
This wall commences from the gate as it snakes through the Fountain of Peace going down to kiss the water park on the lower side. Looking at this wall will keep giving you comfort. Work on this wall is starting in few weeks.

The wall of Knowledge
This is the wall that separates the Amani Ridge the place of Peace and the adjacent forest. This wall is a stretch of over 800 meters and its design is magnificent; this one will certainly translate into a formidable fortification when construction picks up as soon as we finalize the wall of Wisdom.

Watch more about this project here

The Wall of Happiness
This is where the eyes rest when you stand at the Solomonic gate. The eyes looks at the green parks, Crescent Avenue only to enjoy the horizon. At this horizon, you see the Wall of Happiness. This will be the wall that will finally Amani Ridge the place of Peace secure fortress.

Those within the four walls will tell wonderful tales, walk peacefully and enjoy the peace that will enable them look back and thank God for investing in this very inspiring project.  The project is 81% committed.  We have a 6 months Covid-19 offer to enable you smile in coming years.

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