Every day is a day to be grateful but then the reason to be grateful is often the reason why the day is important for every one of us. Thus there is every reason why an important day such as the World Gratitude Day should never be skipped in terms of celebration. The day is celebrated every 21st of September as an observation to appreciate the input of individuals and organizations that have a positive impact on the society.

There was great joy at the Optiven Group head quarters on the 6th of September 2019. Earlier in the day the team was celebrating the launch of one of the most successful campaigns dubbed Tujibambe Mombasani. Under the campaign, investors with Optiven would benefit from a free holiday to Mombasa after investing 2 million shillings in any of the projects. But while that was a superb celebration, there was more ahead for the day.

The team at Optiven had been worried after one of it’s customers misplaced their life changing document which is the reason for any investor in real estate – that is the title deed. While the company had done it’s part to ensure that the client was empowered with the document after completion of payment for their investment, our engagement with our customers does not end when we place the title deed in their hands.

The issuance of the title deed for the Optiven Family is actually a beginning of a journey for the customer who now becomes an authentic member of the Optiven Family. So it becomes a heavy feeling when we hear that a customer who had invested and been issued with a title deed does not have the document in their custody as happened to one of our valued investors.

But as fate would have it, an angel was sent to us through the person of one Allan. While minding his own business on his way to work, he came across an envelope which had the lost title. In his engagement on a day to day basis, he had come across the brand Optiven which confirms that Optiven is a brand that can not only be trusted, but one that is well known among the publics.

He then had a look at the contents and was shocked to find that it was an original title deed whose owner had procured land from Optiven Limited. He made the bold decision to contact the Optiven offices and communicate the news that he had come across a document which belonged to someone he could not reach. The team at Optiven encouraged him to take time and please deliver the document to our offices so that we could arrange how to get it to the client.


ABOVE: Ms. Lilian Waka (left) Assistant Customer Service Manager at Optiven, handing over appreciation gifts to Mr. Allan at the Optiven Group Head Quarters on Barclays Plaza, 15th floor.

 While he was looking at the title deed, our customer on the other hand had contacted the office with the sad news of having lost the key document in unknown circumstances. The customer had been in touch while being distraught at what might become of the title deed.

Then on the morning of 6th September 2019 the Optiven Limited office at Barclays Plaza was happy to welcome Allan to our offices as he delivered the envelope with the title deed to our offices.

Speaking when she received him at the offices, Lilian Waka, Assistant Manager for Customer Service at Optiven noted that : “it was such a rare gesture to take time and return such an important document to the originator which in this case was Optiven ”.

Her sentiments were echoed by Mr. William Nagilae, the Personal Assistant to the CEO who added “this was an extra ordinary happening in a society where people with such good intentions are not only rare but also hard to find.”

Mr. John Kyallo, the Manager in charge of Documentation at Optiven expressed his appreciation to Allan noting that “the importance of the title deed cannot be under estimated considering that it is the last confirmation of any land buyer’s investment in the land buying process.”

He added that “the loss of such a document can be not only painstaking but also depressing for the owner as the process of replacement is not only expensive but also time consuming and draining for the owner”.

With these reasons, it was a time to celebrate a good soul found in Allan with the team presenting gratitude gifts to him as well as a photo opportunity to remind us that indeed amidst the sad reality of living in a world with challenges, there is some good in humanity after all.

title deed optiven

ABOVE: Mr. John Kyallo (far left) Documentation Manager, Ms. Lilian Waka (second left) Assistant Customer Service Manager, Mr. Allan (center), Ms. Cathrine Khasoa (second right) Public Relations, Events & Communications Manager and Mr. William Nagilae (far right) Personal Assistant to the CEO. The team celebrated Allan for his gesture and herewith show the title deed he delivered to Optiven Limited.

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