A new decade has just kicked off with earnest. And here at Optiven, we have a deliberate intention to empower hundreds of Kenyans to start off with a solid foundation for this new decade.

#FunguaDecadeNaOptiven now gives our networks three easy steps that will literally take you to the next level:

1. Commit to an investment with Optiven today and get a gift to help you lay a foundation stone towards your Decade’s success. Start with a plot, with a final focus being construction of a home either for your family, for rental or reselling. We offer you super amazing properties that will allow you to enjoy true tranquility.

Have a look at one of Optiven’s projects

2. Automatically become part of huge exposure that comes with the Captain of a company that has been leading in the Real Estate industry in Kenya and the region; this is non-other than Mr. George Wachiuri. The opportunities here include direct Empowerment, Inspiration & Mentorship prospects that will fire you in your leadership or entrepreneurial journey. (George Wachiuri’s Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/georgeoptiven/)

3. #FunguaDecadeNaOptiven will also offer you opportunities for great Networks, powerful events, updates, newsletters and trappings to several opportunities coming up within the Optiven family.

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