I am George CEO Optiven Real Estate, I once lost Ksh.5 million shillings on a land transaction and it was one year of pain and stress. During that period, these are the lessons that I learnt that I would like to share with most of us who want to keep investing in real estate in a safe manner.

  1. Check who the directors of the business are and whether they are real and or alive – Look into their past records and carry out due diligence on them. You can know directors by asking for a copy of CR12. You can also Google the Directors to get more info on them.
  2. Ask the firm if they have a successful project and let them give proof of the same – Visit that project to ascertain the facts.
  3. Ask the competitors if they are aware of the real estate firm offering you a deal – Remember that hearing adverts from mainstream media does not mean that the company is authentic. Testimonials are not 100% proof of authenticity, nor is the use of models or media personalities in the same.
  4. Check if they have a registered office, with staff and visit the office – This is not 100% proof but it helps.
  5. Insist on visiting the project site before committing your funds – If in the Diaspora, send your representative or a lawyer.
  6. Always obey your gut feeling – Once again, obey your GUT feeling.
  7. Ask for the company profile  – Go thought it and check the company structure.

Let’s invest wisely and carefully. You can get more informative blogs on my blog