Property acquisition is the dream of every individual. The journey starts from simple steps and these steps end up being of great success. In the past we have seen companies like Optiven encouraging potential investors from ages 13 years to invest. We have seen campaigns like PataPlotiB440@40. Such campaigns activate the minds of individuals to start thinking about investments.

These are five steps on how to start the journey

  1. Start small, start with little commitment and keep building up step by step. More details on
  2. Collaboration Investments: Invest in terms of groups. Have a long term goal so that in future each individual has their own property. Team investment is very powerful. We have seen companies like Optiven advocating for “Collabo Investment” where one pays for a commitment fee of Kshs 9000 or 90 USD
  3. Installment Investments: This is an easy way of paying your investments on a monthly basis. The installments would range from 1 month to 48 months. This is a soft landing to acquiring investments without stress.
  4. Financing: One can acquire financing from Financial Institutions or savings and credit. This method helps an individual to accumulate properties with ease.
  5. Cash: One can buy property in cash. When you have cash, you have a voice to negotiate for a better deal.

Let’s open our eyes and keep investing big in Africa and beyond.

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Written by George Wachiuri, Real Estate mogul, Entrepreneur and Author